Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Do You Care?

I spent a very cathartic five minutes last night deleting all the totally worthless friends I had in OldTowne from my mobile phone. With every satisfying beep, I was making way for the new friends I will meet.

Now tonight, as I sit with the laptop I confiscated borrowed from my mother, I get an email from EtiquetteSays. I actually posted about her here, when I got snubbed from her kids party, and here during one of her conversations about her husband.

EtiquetteSays is the the mom who, though we have not socialized privately in over half a year, shot me an email saying that we needed to have lunch together before we left. Why does she even care? If this move has taught me one thing, it is to GET TOGETHER with your friends. Who cares if the house isn't clean? Who cares if it is in the middle of the week? Just do it, people. Call your friends and actually have a social life. Especially if you have young kids--who cares if they get to bed two hours later than usual? What is actually going to happen? They might sleep in the next morning? God, that would be a shame.

Stepping off my soapbox...

Back to her email. She asked if I were still in town, and when we could do lunch. Honey, you asked me this over a month ago and then never followed up. Why do you even care?

As much as I wanted to flame her, I took my usual chicken-shit method and responded.

I left OldTowne yesterday. Sorry lunch didn't work out.

That is it. Nothing else. I felt it was dry enough to make my point.

Now, I just got another email.

How did the move go? Are you already in NoVa, or enroute? Do you already have a place and an address? Let me know where you are!

What? Why do you fucking care? Seriously, I just don't get this chick. Maybe she is super sweet (like I initially thought) but has the social skills of a pygmy marmoset. Hell if I know. I just had to post about the craziness of some people. I swear if I get a Welcome To Your New Home card, I am going to incinerate it.


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

A lame-o card? Honey, Miss Etiquette Says is gonna say it with flowers. A big ol' FTD bouquet. With a card. Because these idiots must always have the last perfect, p.c. word. Nutbar.

BTW - loved the, er, greeting (?) cards. V. hostile in a Hallmark sort of way. ;)

Strange Scottish Girl said...

some people contact others being all friendly to make themselves feel good, so they have an idea in their head about what being a good friend sounds like but actually they dont really care about you but more about the appearance of looking like a good friend. these are people you dont want as friends and who generally are best friends with people just like them and they can both remind themselves of what good people they are. eh, that's my opinion!

baby~amore' said...

I hope you find some new friends to hang out with {hugs} ... you are so right about it not being about clean houses and stuff.

It is liberating to know my friend's house is as messy as mine and her washing is piled up too.LOL and when I came she to visit we just watched the kids played, ate chocolate and chatted. I wish I had more friends like her and closer ..she is 2 hrs away.

Momma said...

You know, I have "friends" like that, too. It's been really hard for me to make friends in this area. Unfortunately, there are a lot of judgmental people I've run into, so I have many acquaintances and few true friends. I do miss having people who can come over and ignore the mess. When I was a military wife, I had many such friends, but we've all drifted the world over now.

I think you should take a video of yourself blasting the card (or flowers) she will inevitably send with a blowtorch. It would be very entertaining for us and very cathartic for you!

Peace - D

Shar said...

She? Is an asshole.

but I love you.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude. You just inspired me to go through, and clean out, my iPhone contacts. Time to get rid of the "friends" who aren't there!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@BvB and Momma: If I get an FTD bouquet, there will DEF be footage of its demise.

@SSG: I totally agree with you. They do it for themselves, not out of any goodness of will for their friends.

@baby amore: I think it is awesome you and your friend can look beyond the mess.

@Shar: Right back at you, babe. XOXO

@CMGD: If your family adopts me, can I get an iPhone, too? Hubbie needs a new phone like you need your morning grinds.

Blue Momma said...

That bitch just wants to take mine and Punkin's spot in your guest room! Tell her we said to BACK OFF!

Strange Scottish Girl said...

oh, and it reminds me to delete some 'friends' off facebook. why the hell do they add me if i never see them or talk to them?

feefifoto said...

A long time ago I had a friend who routinely borrowed my clothes to wear to parties she threw, to which I was never invited. It took me a while to catch on because I suppose I didn't want to think I was so hard up for companionship that I'd befriend someone so shallow.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Blue Momma: NO ONE is going to take your spot! I'll make sure of that! She can go and stay at some fancy-shmancy hotel. You get to bunk down at NATUI Shangri-La.

@SSG: Exactly. I think it is just an ego trip. Did it feel good to do the purge?

@feefifoto: Holy shit! That is worse than my story! That must have made you feel AWFUL. I hope you dumped her as a friend and have never looked back.