Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What Planet: Bank Accounts and Husbands

Another moms group. Another conversation. This one about the rich husbands these girls married.

The difference is I really like these two women. They are very down to earth, lived normal lives and had normal jobs before they got married and had kids. They really did marry their husbands out of love and under normal circumstances. Their dh's just happen to have very lucrative businesses.

They were talking about the money allotted to them every month by their husbands to "run the household." As in pay the nanny, get a latte, etc. Friend-A tells a story about how another snooty mom at the local bank made fun of her that she only had a $3000 monthly budget for expenses. Snooty Woman At Bank had a monthly budget of $15000. Um, WTF? Friend-A at least had the decency to say WTF is wrong with the people up here. One of the reasons I love her--though I can only dream of what I would do with an extra $3000 a month to play with just for me.

Friend-B chimes in and talks about the bank account her husband set up for her monthly "expenses" and the like. Despite the $$ her spouse makes, she still shops at TJMaxx and Costco. A girl after my own heart. :) Just this past week her husband checked her bank account while doing the monthly book keeping. He has been putting money in there every month, and asked her what she spends her money on. She said nothing, which is true. There was a $50000 balance in her account. And she had no idea. Oh my fucking god!!!! What do you say to that?!?!

If I did not know these women personally and know how sweet and kind they were I would have been disgusted. It still makes us ask WTF. I mean, what was just sitting in her account as extra cash is more than dh brings home in a year. As it is, I just have to laugh and be happy for their good fortune. But seriously, what planet am I on?