Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Am King of the Universe

Forget King of the Lab*. I am King of the Whole Fucking Universe.

Despite viruses and other computer-slowing crap due to recent dubiously legal internet activities, I got Rockbox loaded onto both mp3 players. I was horrified by the default setting, so I set out to find a theme that would work for me.

I found this.

But this is so much better.

This was the original menu background. The glow aspect made reading the menu options really hard.

This is just above and beyond better.

Yes, I give you all permission to name your children after me.

Or at least a goldfish.

As for Hubbie's mp3, I loaded this theme because I am a bitch, I am King of the Universe, and The Federation rocks the Alpha Quadrant. Mainly because I am a bitch, though.

*If you don't watch Bones, I can't help you.


A Free Man said...

I feel really old and out of it reading this post because I don't understand ANY of it!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

LOL Maybe that's why no one has been commenting? Hey, at least give me a little cred for getting my NATUI picture on there.

Here's the low-down. Say you have an iPod (in my case, it is a Sansa mp3 player). It comes preloaded with menus and icons to access your music, etc. This is called firmware. Rockbox is an alternative to what is the default on iPods and mp3 players. It gives additional features. In my case, it expands Hubbie's capability to watch videos while he is commuting to and from work every day. That is really the only reason I loaded this program onto our players.

That being said, it kind of makes the music player like a blog, you can load different themes to make your mp3 player look like anything you want. Which is what I did. :)

Did that help at all, or did I make things worse?

A Free Man said...

I do love to watch my stories on the bus, maybe I should check out Rockbox! Thanks for the explanation!

Joe said...

hahaha @AFM... I didn't know anyone referred to them as stories anymore.

I ran rockbox a while back. I liked it a lot, but they were still trying to figure out battery issues on the iPods. I wrote a few updates to some of the code for controlling volume, and to the code that controls the "shuffle" or "random" feature. The battery issue was a dealbreaker for me. Maybe I'll head back over there and see if they've figured it out yet.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@AFM: Glad the explanation helped. Have you checked it out? What did you think?

@Joe: I have been waiting for you!! Ahh! You were my last resort--I thought if even you didn't know what I was talking about I was doomed. How cool to hear that you worked on some of the coding. I don't know that I like how much space having two firmare programs takes up on my player. The learning curve has been a bit steep for me, but I have to say Hubbie loves the extended video access. I haven't noticed any battery issues yet. It may be too soon to tell for me.