Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Party: Preschool Style

Attempting to mentally prepare my daughter for tomorrow, I explained we had a new president. She wanted to know his name. I told her.

I told her that tomorrow was an important day, and that we were going to a party to celebrate. That the parents were going to watch everything on TV while the kids got to play.

LittleBird pondered the information I had given her. I should have known from the thoughtful silence that we were about to invoke a reincarnation of the saddest Christmas party ever.

She asked: Is there going to be a piñata?

I opened my mouth to answer and nearly choked with laughter. Going to an inauguration party with a piñata of the President-Elect?

I asked her if she thought there ought to be a piñata of the president at the party.

Oh yes!

I told her we'd ask.


SSG said...

Littlebird is just too cute. Will there be balloons?

K-Mom said...

LOL! Maybe there should be a pinata at EVERY inauguration. It might help keep those guys humble.

Today is a GLORIOUS day...on so many levels! Party on Littlebird, party on.

Joe said...

I have never been to a party where a piñata was involved. But I gotta tell ya, at 30 years old, I would go to one if I was invited.

Patois said...

Did someone suggest who the pinata should be an effigy of? I have a suggestion!

RiverPoet said... should be of the OUTgoing president, especially this time. The thing I saw today which made me the happiest? The view of the ex-president's helicopter flying away into the distance.

Peace - D

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

I like this girl's thinking!!

In honor of today, school lunch was packed w/Chocolate Teddy Grahams.

Not quite a pinata, but it did get a favorable review.

buddha_girl said...

OMG! Yes! Party, baby! Party!

I love Little Bird...bunches!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

A pinata is an awesome idea for an inauguration party! Good going LittleBird!

A Free Man said...

Why not a pinata of the outgoing president. I mean if you're going to beat something with sticks...