Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Saddest Party Ever

We went to a Christmas party last night. There were several blog-worthy incidents, but first mention goes to the drama that awaited us once we arrived home.

LittleBird was not happy with us. Many tears were shed over the fact that we did not take her with us. When I asked her to tell me specifically what was making her feel sad, she told me that she wanted go to the party because she wanted to see what was everyone was doing.

I wiped her tears, snuggled up next to her in my bed, and told her:

There wasn't even any cake.

Her jaw dropped.

And there wasn't even any ice cream.

And no balloons, either.

She went from incredulous to serious and wanted to take turns.

There weren't any Cheddar Bunnies?

Isn't that terrible? I replied.

There weren't any candles?

I answered, Yes, there were candles in the house. But there weren't any candles on a cake to blow out.

There weren't any goodie bags?

I shook my head sadly.

Her verdict? That I had gone to the saddest party she had ever heard of.

Isn't perspective a beautiful thing?


hollystar said...

that is the cutest thing ever!

no cake!?!?!?!

SSG said...

she is the loveliest little girl ever!

A Free Man said...

Dude it does sound kind of sad. No cake? I mean, come on. What kind of parties do you go to?

Patois said...

It does beg the question: why do we ever stop doing the magical parties? I mean, come on, you can never go wrong with cake.

RiverPoet said...

I love how you handled that.

Why don't we - as adults - have more fun at parties? I guess that's why we serve alcohol...as a consolation prize.

Peace - D

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@HollyStar: No cake, but the mini crème brûlées, tiny heart-shaped brownies and other sugary goodness more than made up for it!

@SSG: I tend to agree. LOL

@A Free Man: It was about time I was allowed to go to an adult party. If I had to sit through one more pre-fab grocery store cake I think I would have choked myself.

@Patois: That is true. But, give me a dessert buffet with bite-sized desserts of all shapes and sizes and I am happy to forgo the cake.

@RiverPoet: I think that part that shocked her the most was the fact that there were no juice boxes with straws. LOL That about killed me.

Gypsy said...

What's a party without cake?

Kat said...

Truly genius way to cure her of her sorrow over missing the party. I am going to have to keep this trick up my sleeve.

Joe said...

So it's true? The cake is a lie?