Tuesday, January 6, 2009

E is for Entitlement

I had a disturbing conversation with my cousin over the weekend.

Amidst a discussion of his girlfriend's son and his educational needs, my cousin told me in so many words that because the child's grandparents are geographically distant they are worthless when it comes to daily interaction and helping with the child. Because of this, he believes his girlfriend needs to tell her parents to write a check for a couple hundred thousand dollars so that she can quit her job, find a way to work from home, and and and...

I stopped listening.

Yes, he actually said that.

Yes, he believes that wholeheartedly.

Seriously? What the fuck? I love my cousin dearly. He is the male version of me, and we are freakishly similar in many ways. On this issue, however, we fundamentally differ. He is the epitome of the starving artist who has been able to get by due to his talent, and the generosity of his parents. He works hard at what he does and loves it. I suppose it is a talent to finagle money out of other people. That is what the world of investments is all about, is it not?

Maybe you, my dear readers, have parents and friends who just happen to have an extra couple of hundred thousand greenbacks lying around collecting dust in a Mason jar. Not me.

Can I put myself up for adoption? I promise we'd make a great investment. If anyone is interested, I have our family resume ready to send out and am available for interviews at your convenience.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Obviously, he missed his calling on Wall Street. Amazing.

Kat said...

If he ever decides to stop taking hand-outs, he could put that in the "special skills" section of his resume...

RiverPoet said...

Holy Moly! I've never heard of such a thing. "Tell" her parents to give her a hundred grand or so? If one of my kids did something like that, I would soundly kick their butts and show them the door!

Grr. Stuff like that just really gets me. Where do people get off thinking the world owes them anything???


Not Afraid to Use It said...

@CMGD: Yeah, the suit thing killed it for him.

@Kat: Now there is a very positive way of looking at it!

@RP: Not just a hundred thousand dollars, several hundred thousand dollars. And sadly, I don't think a kick in the pant would do one bit of good.

Anonymous said...

What do the Grandparents have to do with the rearing and education of this young guy in the first place? They did thier job,and not too awfull bad of one, The young lady has a job that has to show for something! Some people, just don't get it!

Patois said...

He really should get into the fundraising business.

Or maybe he can fill the hole Madoff has left.

A Free Man said...

My parents do have a fair bit of money laying around, but I would never ask them to give me a couple hundred grand so I or Sinead could stay home. Cheeky!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Anonymous: I can't understand why the grandparent bear any responsibility, either. He is def in his own little world.

@Patois: He actually has fundraising experience. LOL Damn you pegged it!

@AFreeMan: Cheeky is the perfect word.