Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Place Where Fairytales Go To Die

About a month ago, LittleBird decided that she no longer wanted a pirate party for her birthday. She could have a pirate party when she was five. This time, she wanted a princess party.


Now I have no problem with the princess aspect of it. It is the commercial princess aspect of it that pisses me off. Trying to find party supplies without characters has been challenging. I am a stubborn fuck about it, though. I will not cave.

Yesterday, LittleBird turned four. She knew that her party was going to be on a different day.

She also knew that despite the lack of a party, this was her day.

After breakfast, LittleBird announced she needed a cake. A princess cake. For her princess birthday. She didn't quite say Get your bitch ass in the kitchen and bake me a cake! but it was close enough.

Thank god I have a princess cake pan I picked up at a thrift shop stashed in the cabinet.

So I did. We sat on the floor. She helped me pour the mix. We added the ingredients. We put it in the oven. We watched it rise.

In my stupidity and rushing around, I attempted to skip a few steps.

I flipped the cake out of the princess pan.

And it broke.

Like the Evil Queen zapped the Little Princess with her wand.



I called LittleBird to the kitchen to tell her the bad news. Her face clouded over, and heavy rain was on the horizon. Her princess cake was ruined, and she valiantly struggled to bend her four-year old psyche around that fact.

Then she took a breath, and asked if she could eat a piece of it.

Of course she could.

Fairytales are what you make of them. Some may suffer a sad and painful death in our household, but in their place we create our own. And that makes all the difference.


K-Mom said...

Well, I was going to leave an optimistic comment along the lines of "Well, if you turn your head sideways and let your eyes go out of focus, you just make out the princess...."

But I got nothin'.

Oh well, I hope LittleBird had a wonderful birthday despite the litte setback.

SSG said...

little bird is so great, so many kids would have just had a hissy fit. and way to go you with the non-commercial princess thing. seen this: ?

marmiteandtea said...

Aw her reaction was very sweet especially for a four year old. Hope it tasted good.

How is she finding the marmite?

Gypsy said...

So, breaking her cake and eating it, too? Nice. :)

Patois said...

Yummmmmm. Happy birthday to her, mangled princess cake and all. Maybe you could go with a Tim Burton princess theme.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I'm glad she was at least happy about getting to still eat it. Poor LittleBird. I hope she had a good birthday and wonderful party, regardless.

A Free Man said...

Kudos to Little Bird for not throwing a fit! Wisdom beyond her years?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@K-Mom: LOL OMG this comment had me laughing my ass off. Hubbie, too. You kill me!

@SSG: What a great article! Thanks so much for the link. We actually forbade people from giving LittleBird things in pink when we found out she was going to be a girl. No one listened. For years, her favorite color was blue. Now she states it is blue and pink. I hope blue hangs int here for a while.

@Marmite: I hid it in their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They ate most of it, but they could definitely tell something was "off". I'm going to keep trying.

@Gypsy: Lol. Nice! Very clever! I love it!

@Patois: Now THAT is a truly original idea! I think we'll save that for when she's a bit older, but we will have one for sure!

@CMGD: She had a great time. She loved her cupcakes when Pappa came home.

@AFreeMan: I am hoping so. And I'd like to take full credit for it.