Friday, November 7, 2008

Virginia Cousins Seek Revenge

This morning, I had to lower my standards for our next residence even further.

The next place we live? Needs to be mouse-free.

In Tahoe, we learned that we have worthless cats and our stint with the humane trap was useless.

Hubbie eventually took care of the Oogie Mousie with snap traps when we visited my parents.

Now, the Virginia cousins of that doomed Tahoe mouse are seeking their revenge.

About a month or so ago, I heard scratching in the walls. In the middle of the night. Directly behind my headboard. It only lasted for a few days, but it drove me crazy.

I'd completely forgotten about it until this morning.

We've had a bowl of apples sitting in the kitchen. This morning, the remaining apple looked awfully chewed. And there were black droppings everywhere.


This time around? To hell with the humane traps. It is ON.

We've bought the traps, complete with the prerequisite fake cheese.


We've got our mantra.

We've set the traps.


We've found what happened to the wishbone I saved. Bastards.


Now, we lock up the cats and gate the hallway so the kids don't stumble across a decapitated Mickey in the morning.

One thing is for certain. Life at the NATUI household is never dull.

ETA: Mickey and Minne have shuffled their mortal coil. Light your candles in memoriam.


RiverPoet said...

ICK! Yes, our son had a mouse in the house at his new place. I walked him through what to do, as we'd dealt with the little critters in the past. His house? Is now mouse-free and soon yours will be, too.

Peace - D

A Free Man said...

Kill the fuckers!

Sherrie said...

LOVE the mantra. :)

random_mommy said...

Here's a tip to catch them fast so the traps don't have to be around long:
Use a lighter or match to burn a small piece of bacon and put it on the trap. The smell is so strong and irresistable to them, it takes minutes.

Good luck!

Joe said...

VIRGINIA!!! Ohhh... at first glance I read it as "Virgin Cousins Seek Revenge".

We had squirrels in getting into our attic when we moved into our house. I bought a live trap. I caught a total of 3 squirrels. I let 2 of them go after I captured them. The third one? Well... I kinda forgot that I had the trap up there. A live trap doesn't KEEP the animals alive. Oops.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@RiverPoet: Yes, ours is, but I feel a bit sad about it. I wish there had been a different way.

@AFM: Argh Matey!!

@Sherrie: Me too! Hubbie cannot believe I put that on my blog. I have to dent his polished image.

@RandomMommy: Thanks for the tip. We actually used peanut butter. It sticks to the trap really well.

@Joe: Sorry to disappoint you, man! LOL

K-Mom said...

Blech! We recently found evidence of a mouse in our house, as well.

I don't know about others, but I like the old-fashioned traps. I like the satisfying SNAP! you hear when you've got one of the little suckers.

Yeah, yeah...send your PETA hate mail somewhere else people. If you had mice, you'd understand.

Patois said...

I was never a fan of the House of Mouse. Now, start getting the ones who live outside.

Gypsy said...

Oh dear. I'm beginning to suspect we may have something living under our house. Casper keeps sniffing the floorboards and jamming his nose into corners. This is not good.

Good luck with Mickey!