Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Here Mousie, Mousie, Mousie...

Part II

So we went online to find a humane trap. We found this link. It showed how to make a humane trap with household items. Being that we are short on funds and we did not want to hurt the little guy, this seemed to be a good solution.

So we built the "trap." Bent the bamboo skewer, put cheese on it, set it up in the bathroom. You can see the picture in today's Wordless Wednesday, but I will include them here as well. This time, we locked the cats out and closed the door for the night. I was confident this was going to work.

I barely slept at all Saturday night because I kept waiting to hear the cakepan fall. Every little creak and pop in the walls practically had me jumping out of bed.

Sunday morning? No mouse in the pan. The cheese hadn't even been touched. By mid-afternoon, still no mouse. Cheese still there. I told hubbie we'd better get the trap and bait out of the bathroom because the last thing we want to do it coax the mouse back into the house. So we dismantled our brilliantly built mouse-catching-apparatus and warned LittleBird to stay out of the bathroom in case the mouse decided to make an encore appearance.

The only thing I can figure is that the mouse spent the entire night in the bathroom with the cats and decided that this entrance was not exactly ideal. So I guess the cats were not completely worthless. If they served to scare the mousie away, that is just as good as our having to catch and remove him.

Next Installment: Our poor LittleBird and the Tale of the Oogie Mousie


Blue Momma said...

Mouse or no mouse, cats are definitely worth having around!

Thankfully I've moved on and don't need it anymore, but, back in college? I had one that was one bad ass roach killer!!

Loved that kitty!