Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thematic Photographic 1 - Blur


LittleBird after dancing in the rain. Summer 2008.

LittleBird had such a great time dancing and jumping around in a summer rain shower. As anyone who has experienced a Georgia rain shower knows it is exactly that, a shower. I tried to capture some of the drops on the bridge of her nose. They looked so sweet. All my photos were just out of focus. I'm glad for the chance for a Blur theme to share my favorite photo of that day.

Thematic Photographic, see more.


Irrational Dad said...

I get SO frustrated when I catch an AWESOME shot of Tyler, only to see that it's blurred when I view it on the 'puter. I always struggle with whether to delete it or not.

Nice picture.

A Free Man said...

Very cute shot and the blur's wonderful in this case.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Joe: They say you can salvage many of them in photoshop. I haven't figured out that trick yet.

@AFM: Thanks! Doesn't it make you miss that summer Georgia downpour?

Catherine said...

I think it's a great photo - actually, parts of it are in quite sharp focus like her lips, but I think the blur really adds to it

carmilevy said...

This is an immensely powerful shot. I'm so glad you chose to share it as part of this week's theme.

I've got to spend more time in Georgia, then. I love the vibe of the place...some of the nicest people on the planet live there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, very nice! I like the feel of the photo! Great post! :-)