Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Significance of a Dog On A Shirt

I dabble in CafePress to get my creative energy out. I have a lot of fun doing it, and this month prior to the election has been fodder for many a political t-shirt.

I also do fun and cutesy stuff. After I got all the snark out, I created this:


I am very proud of it. I did it because I thought it was cute, and as a bonus after-thought my cousin is about to have a baby boy so I will send one to them.

While speaking to my mother on the phone yesterday, I had a frustratingly failed attempt to share this with her.

I gave her the web address, she looked it up.

I see a dog on a shirt.


I see a dog on a shirt. I don't get it. What's the significance of a dog on a shirt?


I explained to her for the then literal third time that I had created the shirt, I was proud of it, I was just trying to share, blah blah falling on deaf ears blah.

It has always gotten under my skin that my family very rarely can appreciate anything that they themselves cannot do. Just because you can't or won't do something doesn't mean it wasn't a lot of work. Say great job, dammit, it is part of your job as my mother.


Indigo Children said...

I love the Palin shirt ...

and the puppy dog shirt...

and I can relate with the whole "my family doesn't get me" thing.

Patois42 said...

Here's hoping a "Great Job!!" from me takes a bit of the sting out. That is such a cool design.

A Free Man said...

"What's the significance of a dog on a shirt" is one of the great unanswered philosophical questions.

Becca said...

I'm always really impressed when people can do things I can't do LOL

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@IndigoChildren: Thanks! It's nice to know that I relate to someone!

@Patois: It does. Thank you for that.

@AFreeMan: Will you be doing a Research Tuesday on it? ;)

@Becca: Me too, I think that's why it chaps my ass so badly.

Anonymous said...

I like the design, I think it's cool. And mums, sometimes they just dont get it. I think sometimes my mum is just not in the mood to be a mum, if you know what I mean. Got a sugar and spice one for girls? Now, I would wear that.

That One said...

I know I'm not your mother but...

Great job, damnit!

I think your 'dog on a shirt' shirt is adorable.

Gypsy said...

Sigh. Parents.

I think it's very cute.

Anonymous said...

One is never appreciated properly by one's nearest and dearest.

What is the significance of a dog on a shirt? Well, what is the significance of a cat on a shirt? Or a bird, a fish, a man, a woman, a boat, a moon, a rainbow, a horse, truck, witty saying, floral design or spacecraft?

In fact, while we're at it, what is the significance of anything. Why are we here? What's it all about?

And don't say 'Forty-two!'

Irrational Dad said...

Where's the "Slugs and Snails" onesie?!?!?! I like it though. I'll have to make sure to NOT show the wife, as she'll force me to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I like puppy dog tails :-) Hope your friend enjoys it.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@ssg: I agree with you on the not feeling like a mom bit. I can DEF understand that. I'll work on a sugar and spice design for ya. ;)

@Tuli: Ah! Thanks! I need a little ego stoking right now!

@Gypsy: Yeah, parents. Sigh. And a big thank you to you, too.

@Jay: FORTY-TWO!!!!!

@Joe: Your secret's safe with me, or rather my secret is safe with you.

@MommyWizdom: They'd better! LOL