Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Would You Pass Inspection?

One of the things that irks me about being a renter is my landlord's "right" to come and inspect the "property" at any time. We must be given prior notice, but how much notice is enough?

I have not had that happen yet, but I would not put it past our current scumlord of a landlord.

Now, I understand there may be times when such an inspection is necessary, but we pay our rent and keep to ourselves. We are a family just living our lives. I resent the idea that I could be checked up on, the result of which could affect our ability to rent said property in the future.

Can you imagine if your bank or mortgage-holder knocked on your door right this minute? And that the state of your house affected whether they would continue to do business with you?

I'm sorry, but given the current condition of your house we cannot be satisfied that you are maintaining or increasing the value of this property. Therefore, we will no longer provide you with the mortgage on this house. You have sixty days in which to find another company.

Wouldn't you just shit yourself? Or am I the only one with piles of laundry in the hallway? With stacks of unopened mail on the kitchen table and a minefield of toddler toys strewn from one end of the house to the other?

Look around your house. Right now. Would you pass inspection?


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Are you kidding me? The only thing holding back the dust bunny revolution is the mounds of f**ing dog fur everywhere.

As for laundry? We won't go there today. Or tomorrow.

RiverPoet said...

Today? I would pass inspection, because the maids just cleaned :-) Tomorrow? The insane bulldogs will have made a mess again.

When we rented up here, we had the same thing. The landlord came out once a year (at which time we hid our cats) and inspected. And then she raped us when we moved out, we had to threaten to sue because of black mold in the humidifier system just so she would give us half our deposit.

Peace - D

Blue Momma said...

See, there is another reason to move here where I am. You could buy a big, nice house for what you pay for rent there.

Then you could let it totally go to shit if you wanted to and no one could say anything about it!!!

Move, move, move, move.....

hollystar said...

that would be lame, but, formerly working in property management, the property owner has to have a little more reason to give a renter the boot than piles of laundry. those inspections are aimed to tenenants ruining property. (dont show anyone those photos of the mushrooming nappies)

that being said, i would pass inspection. there are only a couple holes in the walls atm... none the less, the simple fact that you can be inspected just for shits and giggles BLOWS! i would throw a fit. BUT, on the same note, if it comes down to you feeling like your landlord is inspecting a little too much or being a little too picky (esp considering the move in condition of you unit) then you have rights too and can file a complaint against them so they back the eff off. i know that has yet to happen yet, but just in case.

Joe said...

I would respond with, "I'm sorry, but given the state of the economy, and our financial institution, you simply cannot afford to kick me out. Come see me when shit picks back up."

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Fuck no, I wouldn't pass inspection. The toys alone and the lack of un-vacuumed carpet would get us kicked out.

A Free Man said...

Don't get me started. The owner of our rental dump is trying to sell, so the realtor has open houses a couple of times a month. On the fucking weekend when you want a bit of peace. Dr. O'C tore into her last time, though and I think she's scared to do anymore!

Patois said...

As long as they didn't go into my youngest's room or my daughter's room or touched any shelf in the living room above eye level, I'd pass. But only because I've assigned loads of chores on the kids, and allowance was on Sunday.

Kimberly said...

There is no way I'd pass. I might pass for a bout 2 hours after the deep weekly cleaning our house gets, but aside from that, no way.

What is your landlord looking for? Surely he/she isn't judging on piles of laundry and general clutter or is he? Because that's wrong. I can see wanting to make sure you haven't put holes in the wall or removed the moulding or something, but if it's a general "cleanliness" inspection, I believe your rights are being violated.

Indigo Children said...

this has always bothered me, and no, we would not pass inspection (piles of laundry and occasional piled up dishes, toys, toddler crumbs).

we currently "rent" a family housing apartment on campus at our university.

They have regular inspections, and once when we had candles displayed in the bathroom, the inspectors confiscated them and fined us $50.00.

We also do not have a second (inside) lock, so if they knock and we don't answer they just let themselves in. When we first moved in, the housing director let herself in to drop off keys while I was in the shower.

thanks for visiting my site today. And I love your banner!

Jay said...

We kids lived in constant fear of the boss calling round when we moved out of London and into a house which came with Dad's job. Same thing - we were constantly reminded that the house must pass inspection at a moment's notice or else!

Personally, I think there's a worse aspect of renting. That's when the landlord has a key and can let himself in - ostensibly to allow work to be done in your absence, but I've know people whose pets have been allowed to escape when this happens. GRRR!!

Gypsy said...

Oh hell no I would not. Our house is a total wreck right now. I'm having palpitations just thinking about someone seeing it.