Friday, August 29, 2008

Poor Man's Pedicure

After the excitement over my Dr. Fish pedicure, I have been waiting for the chance to go again.

Alas, time and money are a factor. They will always be.

In my random, NATUI-style of thinking I posed the question to Hubbie: Why can't I just soak my feet in Coca-Cola?

You see, anyone worth their salt knows that pouring a can of Coke over your car battery will clean off the acid. I learned that one while changing out the thermostat of my Cimarron in college (which I did myself, thank you very much).

You can also fill a bowl with Coke and soak your shower head to get rid of the mineral deposits and keep the water from spraying all over the place. (Yes, I have done this successfully.)

Why not do the same thing for my feet?

We had purchased several liter bottles of Coke and Diet Coke for LittleMan's birthday party. I could not wait to use them.

I started my experiment Sunday night. The result? Pretty damned good.

It doesn't take very long. I soak, pumice, rinse and lube. It's not as cool as the fish but it is definitely a much cheaper home fix than doing nothing at all.

Weird? Yes. Works? Yes. So who the hell cares?

I see my local Safeway has Pepsi on sale for 88¢ per liter this weekend. Off to stock up.


Jay said...

Oooh, I bet the bubbles are nice - like a mini foot jacuzzi! LOL!

I might just try that. I can't drink the stuff, but my feet probably won't mind it, huh?

Hey - did you take a Pepsi footbath so JD wouldn't have to?

A Free Man said...

Are you having me on?

Weren't your feet just sticky at the end of it?

Goes to show you just how healthy those sodas are...

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Jay: Disappointingly enough, it isn't all that bubbly. I don't know if it is because our feet are tougher because we walk on it or what. I can't drink the stuff either, but if it keeps going this well I might have to buy stock in it.

@AFM: Having you on? Me? Never! This one is the honest-to-god truth. And yes, it does go to show just how healthy these sodas are. Shudder.

Toasty said...

Um, NATUI, are you experiencing either acid or mineral deposits on your feet? I am concerned about the well-being of your feet. Don't leave them in the Coke too long or they could dissolve (Like a dime).

Patois said...

I hope it's not a brand thing: that Coke works and Pepsi doesn't, especially with the sale price you're going to get.

Manager Mom said...

OK - I am delurking to comment - but I WORK for Pepsi ( I work in marketing) and I have to tell my friend who's the main Pepsi brand manager about this new side benefit.

I can just see our next Super Bowl ad - Justin Timberlake soaking his corns in a bowl of Pepsi. Or maybe Ozzy Osbourne. Sounds even more appetizing.

Thanks for what will undoubtedly be my best laugh of the day...

K-Mom said...

You know, I bet that would actually feel kind of nice...especially when your feet are achy.

You might be on to the next big thing, here! Fish pedicures are so five minutes ago, today it's the Coke pedicure! LOL!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Again I ask you - have you thought of starting a home-based business?

Knowing your powers of persuasion, you may even be able to get corporate sponsorship!

Get back to Manager Mom ASAP!!!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Toasty: LOL Nothing of the sort. and I promise not to soak them too long.

@Patois: I hope so, too. I'm still using the Coke, but the Pepsi is waiting in the cabinet.

@Manager Mom: Glad you got a good laugh. But make sure I get a percentage of that marketing share when this idea goes over really big!

@K-Mom: If this turns out to be my 15 minutes of fame I think I'll be a bit disappointed! Unless it brings world peace with it!

@BvB: Nah, it would never happen. No one wants to drink a product that you can also soak your feet in. Can you imagine the commercials?

Gypsy said...

I couldn't do this with Coke. Far too wasteful. But maybe a generic brand? ;)

Nic said...

Have you thought about possibly um...buying some of the fish and keeping them in a tank? I mean, surely the kids would like the fun fish & then when it's time to clean the tank you can soak your feet with them? Double benefits! LMAO