Monday, July 21, 2008

Our First ER Visit

Our evening took a turn for the worse tonight. LittleBird fell in her room and hit her chin and mouth on the corner of her bed.

We have never, ever, had to go to the ER for any purpose. Not for any of us. But because one of the cuts in her mouth would not stop bleeding completely the pediatrician told us to go to the ER.

Of course I grabbed my camera on the way out the door.

At the ER

A Bad Owie

Getting More and More Swollen

It Hurts a Lot, Mamma

And you can't imagine what the inside of her mouth looks like.

She still has all her teeth. They aren't even wobbly. Thank the gods, goddesses, stars and heavens for that small miracle.

That is all I have the energy to post. I am absolutely drained. I haven't broken down and cried yet. It is probably time.


buddha_girl said...


Poor you. Poor Little Bird.

The ER is a horrible place no matter who's there - it's the WORST place when your kid is the one who has to be there. Way to go on remembering the camera! I'm such a damn voyeur.

When you're ready to cry, let loose. When Buddha had his surgery, and we had to wait for the stupid hospital pharmacy to send up the damn pain meds, I held in the tears. When he passed out after taking the meds, I silently cried for over an hour while holding him in my arms in his bed. Gah!

A Free Man said...

Ouch! Glad she's OK. Sorry that your perfect record's ruined. But the ER is a great place for people watching - and for affirmation that your life just ain't that bad.

Jay said...

Aw, poor Little Bird! I used to hate mouth injuries the most!! You just don't know what you're going to see when they open up...

Next time, remember - Ice Is Your Friend! Nothing stops bleeding and reduces swelling in mouth injuries like ice, and it has the advantage that you can give them a cube to suck for internal mouth injuries - and it won't interfere with anything the medics may want to do later.

Can you tell I've raised two boys?

I hope she feels better soon!

RiverPoet said...

Poor LittleBird!

And OMG, how I wish I could say I'd never been to the ER. They are great places when you need them, but I've needed them for my kids and I far too many times.

First time? I took a dive off a chair in my living room, trying to emulate the Olympic divers. I have a lovely scar under my chin to show where I bled and bled and bled. I remember none of it, but my brothers can recite the details to this day.

Hopefully LittleBird won't have any scars to show. She's a tough little girl, that one!

Peace - D

jayna said...

Ouch! The poor kid can't win lately, can she?

Hope this heals as quickly as the last ouchie seems to have.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Buddha_Girl: I remembered the camera not only for the blogging but because I knew it would be a great distraction for the kids. Luckily, it was a pediatric ER, so it was okay. We had to leave through the regular ER though, and the smell almost made me puke.

@FreeMan: We lucking did not have to wait long enough to do any people watching. But I hear you on the affirmations.

@Jay: I had actually JUST made ice for the first time in this house. The sad thing is that it still did not stop the bleeding. That's why we went ahead and took her in.

@RiverPoet: I am sure we will have some kind of incident like the one you had. I am dreading it something fierce. Hopefully, this was the worst for a while.

@Jayna: I know. I can't take her outside, now I don't know what to do with her inside. Tie her to the couch and make her watch TV all day? LOL Sigh.

K-Mom said...

Oh, that looks painful! Hang in there, Little Bird..and hang in there Mommy. Sometimes these things are just as (if not more) traumatic for the parents!

Krysta said...

My little 10 year sous chef, the girl who has knocked out and chipped her two front teeth, and she says 'owwwww!' and 'it's so sad' and 'it brings back bad memories.' and 'she's lucky she didn't chip her teeth.'

my daughter hopes your little bird is all right.

Toasty said...

Hope she feels better. That looks a little painful.
Our first trip to the ER (and last I hope) was when my just turned 2 year old had croup and couldn't breathe. We left the baby home sleeping with a neighbor and took her there together, because I couldn't bear to be at home waiting to hear from my hubs. It's never fun.