Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who Are You? And What Did You Do With My Wife?

We've had a busy weekend here in the NATUI household. House guests, birthday parties, ballet practice. Lots of fun overall.

As we had a bit of childcare this weekend, Hubbie and I did what any hotblooded married couple would do. We ran off to get our hair cut.

Him? Because he has to wear a suit to work and he was starting to look like a Q-tip. Or an orange on a toothpick, if you are so inclined.

Me? Because I couldn't run a comb through my hair anymore.

That's how I know I need a haircut. After months and months pulled back in a ponytail, the dead ends just kind of take over, and I finally go and get an inch or two chopped off.

Not so this time. Lopped off is more like it. I am tired of reading all over the blogosphere that scrunchies aren't where it's at anymore. (I still want to know what the hell else am I supposed to use to tie my hair back).

I thought I should get something summery. Something that I could actually style. If hell froze over and I needed to, that is.

So I told the lovely woman over at Cheap-Haircuts-A-Million to take it off about an inch above my shoulders.

Maybe I should have used the metric system because she obviously didn't know what an inch was.

Something Looks Different

If you didn't know me so well, you wouldn't even look twice.

Wait A Minute!

I see the telltale scrunchie, but where is all that ratty hair?

The Result

Holy shears, Batgirl! That is some serious cuttage!! An inch my ass!!

The result? I do like it. But it is short. For me, it is short. Hubbie can't find me in a parking lot anymore. LittleBird loved to fluff it for about two hours. Then she asked if I could put my ponytail back in.

I am sure in a few more days she will scarcely remember what it looked like before.

But at least I can keep using my scrunchie until then.


Mermaid said...

The cut looks great! I am also a scrunchie advocate--long live the scrunchie. I've been wearing mine for a while, they will make a fashion come back soon, won't they?

RiverPoet said...

I love it! It will be great for the hot weather yet to come, and it just looks amazing on you - Peace - D

buddha_girl said...

I think you look hawt with the new cut! However, I will concur with you on this point: that hair chick definitely didn't pass 6th grade math. I bet measurement was her downfall in the world of academia.

Scrunchies? My main man Clinton and his sidekick Stacy may not like them, but when my hair was long, they were my lifesaver more than once. Hell, when I was pregnant and during Buddha's first year, I wore my hair in one EVERY day. No joke.

Tuli said...

It's so liberating to cut long hair! (I cut mine off at the beginning of May and then went SHORTER when I had it cut again in July.)

The cut looks GREAT on you! Enjoy it.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awesome hair cut, darlin'! And scrunchies are out? Dude. I'm so lame...

Molly's Mom said...

Rock the short hair - it's adorable on you! I had really short hair for a long time and started growing it out last year. The sides take a long, long, looooong time. I'll probably keep mine to the length you have it...I look stupid with long hair.

Although I do miss scrunchies.

K-Mom said...

I like the cut, but it has me wondering...where have all the scrunchies supposed to go? A scrunchie retirement home?

Toasty said...

My scrunchies are still getting way too much use. I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to use for my Rosana Rosana Danna hairstyle.

I've just discovered you, after reading comments of yours on opp (other people's posts) and the blog title stuff (hating in-laws and other moms)? Is my mantra, I swear. I read it and thought you were me!

Gypsy said...

Sometimes there's nothing better than a scrunchie. But I don't wear them out of the house.

Cute cut!

CPA Mom said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Of course, mine is supershort so I'm biased. But it's a great cut!

Anonymous said...

HOLY HELL!!! You DID get a chunk cut outta there didn't you!

OMG! You are ROCKIN the CATBOX with that hair!! Love you!

Oh, and BTW, we need to talk!! LOL