Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Truth Is In the Cliche

This story easily could have come from a man's perspective, but considering women are inherently superior it only serves to highlight the obvious.

Hubbie was in charge of packing up the house. By that I mean supervising the movers who came to pack our shit up and load it in the truck.

He called me after the dirty work was done to tell me that everything went well except for the fact that he could not remove our shower curtain. The plastic rings were bizarrely fused shut and no amount of pulling, pushing or swearing would unstick them. He told me he would have the landlord (Read: Giant BRUTE of a man) help him the next day.

The next day came and went. Hubbie went to DC. I eventually learned that even Big Brute of a Landlord could not pull those plastic rings apart. Neither one of them had tools on them, so my favorite finally-we-have-a-shower-
curtain-that-looks-adult-and-not-like-a-college-dorm got left behind.

My next statement was: The shower rod was a tension rod. Why didn't you just unscrew it and slide the damned thing off?


I truly think the world paused for a second.

At least Hubbie laughed before he thanked me for ruining his day at his new job by making him feel even more stupid than he was already feeling.

You are very welcome, my dear.


Shar said...

At least he can laugh at himself.

Ah, that is so funny and entirely expected. :)

Myla said...

Love it!

lisa marie said...

Oh that is too funny! Were they little plastic rings you have to pull out just so? I love that it was a tension rod!

jayna said...

Those plastic things are a bugger to get off - I can just picture two grown men struggling with that.
Mine probably would have cut it off or something, expecting to just punch new holes in it.

Momma said...


What would have been even funnier is if all of this had been caught on tape, at the end of which, you walked in and took down the rod.


Peace - D

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Ha! Sounds like a case of making something more difficult than it actually is. Hm, sounds like me.