Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Listen

I saw this video posted on My Stupid Thoughts. Just listen. Open your heart and watch. My placard would read I wish I were brave enough to email this to my family.


feefifoto said...

This video was simply lovely.

Momma said...

That is a wonderful video to share. I'm sorry you can't send it to your family. I might just send it to mine. Do you have one that discourages people from being prejudiced against immigrants from Mexico, too? That is my sister's big rant lately (she lives in Texas, as I once did).

I strive to love all people, even those with whom I don't agree. Compassion is the Buddhist way. Should be everyone's way, you know?

Peace - D

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@feefifoto: I'm glad you liked it!

@Momma: I wish I had one for Mexican immigrants. That is who my uncle typically rants against. Though Hmong immigrants are high up on his list as well. He constantly sends me emails against immigrants. And yet he knows Hubbie has a green card. He says he doesn't included Hubbie in with "those" immigrants, but if you never qualify legal vs. illegal what is the difference? Blech.

Geek Mom said...

I love that video. I wish I could send it to my family too.