Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get Your Popcorn Ready

I am flying into DC this morning to meet up with Hubbie. To see the house for the first time. The fucking movers changed their itinerary again We got a revised schedule from the movers, and the furniture is supposed to be arriving on Sunday. Meaning we have to get a shitload of painting done before their arrival.

Let me clarify. I will have to get a shitload of painting done.

Hubbie has to work all day Saturday, too.

My first order of business will be to get the "before" pictures. You can be damn sure I will be sharing them with you all as soon as I can get back to the hotel and in wireless range.

For all of you so impressed with my Pollyanna attitude, let's just see how I feel after I actually see the place. Anyone up for salt circles, smudging and a painting posse?


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Be brave - be a big girl, and remember - eventually the fumes will have you trippin', and all the shock will fade away-y-y-y....I'm SO looking forward to your always-restrained first impressions. As an aside from an old fart who's moved more than I have fingers to count on, to look at it as adventure is the perfect perspective. Also look at it as never-ending fodder for your writing!! It's gold, NATUI, GOLD!!

Shar said...

Oh, please don't keep us waiting.

Chris in Oxford said...

Good luck with your apparently tiny house. Hey, don't think of it as small, think of it as European-style.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Salt circles? I'll get it going right away! Hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Um...God bless you!

Did you do the salt circle & smudging?