Monday, February 11, 2008

MIL Monday: Soap Opera In the High Sierras

For today's installment, here is an excerpt of a post I made back when my in-laws were actually visiting. God, reading this does NOT make me look forward to their visiting again.

**After bursting into tears in front of my MIL yesterday because between all their demands I couldn't even eat my breakfast, we have a "heart-to-heart" of sorts. She says that I need to tell them what to do. I tell her that I am not comfortable giving orders and telling people "You, go make dinner", etc.--that it is okay for them to pitch in. She says that that is what she wants me to do. So apparently, no compromise here.

The upside: I do tell her/reassure her that it is okay for them to take LittleBird for walks in the morning in the stroller. That they can go down into her room and get her clothes to get her dressed and not wait for me. MIL says "Great".

**This morning I come upstairs--LittleBird is still in her pjs (she had been upstairs with them for nearly 3 hours). They tell me she ate all her cereal for breakfast. I ask if she has been changed. No, they say, she has not. My dd is is the same nasty filthy disposable diaper she has been wearing since we put her to bed last night and it is now nearly 11am. Fuck. So much for the talk Hubbie gave them about getting her changed in the mornings.

The silver lining: At least LittleBird hadn't pooped and did not have a rash.

**LittleBird has had a runny nose and a low-grade fever since yesterday. Last night when we put her to bed she puked everywhere after we tried to give her some medicine. LittleMan was up screaming all night with gas, and LittleBird never really slept--just fitfully turning over and over and crying. Obviously I couldn't take LittleBird to her classes today, but my ILs decided to keep their plans to go sightseeing in South Lake Tahoe. So right now I am home alone with a newborn and a congested, feverish toddler and no car.

Upside: They aren't here to see me cry.


Sue said...

You need to tell her what to do?

She is coming even after dissing your husband's birthday? wow.

I don't know what else to say except my email is on my profile if you need somebody to rant to, hehe.

Military Mom said...

In-laws are the owrst, aren't they? I never met my MIL because she died before I met Hubby, but my Sisters-in law are very interesting. We seem to have a POLITE thing going on for about 15 years now. We don't really like each other, but we are too polite to admit it or say anything, so we just kill each other with kindness. It's rather annoying most of the time.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Sue: No, they won't be coming back for a while. It is a shame because it means so much for me to have my kids get to know the, but she won't come. She is too busy playing bridge and getting her nails done.

Momma said...

Wow, how did this woman ever raise a child herself?? She sounds like a real piece of work.

Glad she's not MY MIL! :-D

Peace - D

Chris in Oxford said...

God, I would be dreading the visit too. Your MIL sounds a little bit like my Mom, always a struggle. God speed.