Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Land of the Trench Coat

I've arrived in the Land of the Trench Coat.

I don't know whether I'm going to be flashed or arrested.

Off to see The House once Hubbie gets off of work.


Molly's Mom said...

Can't wait to see pictures--good luck! As someone who just moved a few months ago, I am sympathetic. And I only moved a couple hours across the state!

buddha_girl said...

Holy moly. Here's to hoping that things pan out, sister!

I'm emailing you with some timely information. Use it at will.

Geek Mom said...

Ok. Im dying to know! I hope its a cool place!

I drove by your old place today and I got sad. Miss ya girl!

Momma said...

I'm as anxious as you are! I hope it's not as bad as it sounded.

The land of the trench coat...heh. Never quite thought of it that way!

Peace - D

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Ha! Maybe not flashed or arrested, but possible legislated.

Yeah, that was bad. I know.