Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bring On the Snow!!

We are buckling down for a STORM!! The initial prediction was for 8-10 feet. Holy snow dump, Batman!

A lot of people are freaking out, but I have to say I am so excited! We are looking at a possible move in the very near future, and I have never seen ten feet of snow in one go. I say BRING IT ON!! We have food, water, heat and each other. Who needs anything else? If we get a lot (and they are predicting 6 inches per hour) I promise to update with lots of pictures.

Most of my pics didn't turn out, but here is our satellite dish from this evening.


Heather said...

Holy crap! 8-10 feet! Damn!

I think you should do a whole "Calvin & Hobbes" snowman scene in the front yard. Hee hee!

RiverPoet said...

Dear God, woman, where do you live? Siberia?

I agree with Heather. I have always wanted to do one of those gory Calvin and Hobbes scenes in the front yard, with one snowman (aka the Rookie Cop) tossing his snowballs behind the bushes. :-D


MilitaryMom said...

10 feet, are you freaking kidding me??? There's no way you would ever get me out of the house again, and live in ND! We had almost 40 degrees today, and a lot of our snow melted. Yay!

I love Heather's idea about the Calvin and Hobbes snowman scene! I love the Snowman House of Horror! Google it if you never seen it, classic!

Andrea said...

Not to parrot Heather, but...

Holy crap! 8-10 feet?!? People freak out around here when the forcast is for 4 INCHES! I can't even FATHOM feet!

I love the Calvin & Hobbes snowman idea, too. You should so do it. :) I'd come up and help if I could!

Blue Momma said...

Ok, I thought you were in Vegas. Obviously you are some where else if you are getting that kind of snow.

Damn, that's a lot at once.

The most we ever got while I was in the great white north was a couple of feet in a few hours.

I still miss it so bad!