Friday, January 4, 2008

It's All In How You View It

I had to pick up LittleBird from school this afternoon. It is stormy out, but not freezing. It has been raining all morning--the temperature has been hovering at 34-35 degrees. There are rivers of water flowing down the streets and intersections. when it freezes, it is going to be nasty.

When I arrived home, there was no way for me to carry both children from the garage to the house without endangering all of us. LittleBird had her pink sneakers on, not snow boots. I told her that her shoes were going to get wet. SUPER wet. Like SUPER-DUPER wet! That she should not get upset because it was going to be cold. That we could dry her shoes off in the house but that she was going to get wet.

I grabbed her hand and away we went. She shrieked and giggled and stomped her way across the slushy, freezing parking lot like a madwoman. Look at all the WATER, Mamma! This is so much FUN! We are silly, Mamma! Look how wet my shoes are!

All the time, laughing and smiling.

Once in the house, I could see that her jeans were wet up to her KNEES. And I LITERALLY had to PEEL the socks off of her feet. The whole time she chattered away about how much fun it was that her shoes got wet.

Now that is what I call looking at the world with a glass half-full.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Ah, to be a child again! I think I need to take lessons from her!

Glad you had fun, Little Bird!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Yeah, except when I called a friend to see if she needed me to pick her up, she exclaimed "I can't believe you are going to go out in this weather!!!" Um, I have to pick up my kid from school, dumbass. Good Lord. Some people.

me said...

She rocks! If I only knew how fast that time in my ife would go, I would have enjoyed every minute that much more.

So, I think today when I walk to my car in the rain, I am going to giggle and laugh and not worry that my shoes are going to get all wet too.

Blue Momma said...

I miss the snow! I'd be the same as Little Bird if it snowed here. Glad she enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

It's so much fun to put on boots and schluck in puddles. Even if you have on only shoes, it's fun to get wet and chilly and then come home, take a warm bath, cuddle up in a blanket still warm from the dryer, and have some hot chocolate and Oreo cookies.

kellyo75 said...

That's cute-I used to love getting all wet like that!!