Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Your Own Bloody Fault!

This past week, a package was sent to me that did not get properly delivered. Sending Friend is in a tizzy because it has not arrived. Everyone else got theirs, but not us.

Eventually, after much wondering, I ask her to repeat where she shipped the package. She read the address back to me, and she had the apartment number off by one digit.

What? she asked me when I corrected her, I thought you said it was #21?

Are you seriously questioning me about my house number? Like I don't know where I fucking live? Idiot! (channel Ren and Stimpy here)

The bad part of this is that I am at the beginning of the building, so the number one digit off is at another building. The package delivery dude left it on the porch of this other apartment. One that is obviously empty and for sale. It is also visible from the main drag. We have yet to find the package on our end.

So day after day she is trying to get in touch with the delivery company and keeps asking me if it has turned up.

Does she think I wouldn't call, email, or SMS her the minute the damned thing showed up?

And to top it all off, the other night on the phone she lamented I should have just gone through the post office instead.

Um, no. You should have addressed the stupid thing right in the first place.

Not once have I heard her take any responsibility for not putting the right address on there. It has been everyone else's fault but hers. So PSA to everyone out there--take your list of addresses with you. And make sure they are correct. If you call someone in a panic from the counter, read the address back so that you are sure you have the right one. Otherwise, you will have someone blogging about you under the label Stupid Moms. LOL


Blue Momma said...

That $1000 gift card I sent you must have went to that other building, too.


Well, maybe next year.....

Patois42 said...

That just stinks.

Military Mom said...

WOuld you believe it if I told you me and my sister BOTH did that same thing this year? I sent her a birthday present, and fudged up the address. What's worse, she lives int he very house my parents lived in got about 9 years! Then, she sent me a yoga mat, and used the wrong address! I guess we're both airheads! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Wow~What did I tell you about blogging about me?!? LMAO

I'm so sorry...I sent The Princess in a box to you, did you get her? She's been driving us mad...wait, maybe I sent her to the wrong house??

;) Still NEED to talk to you!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

What I love are the relatives who, for up to three years after we moved, would either send us stuff to the old addy or would use the street address of our old house and the city, state, and zip of our new house. Idiots...