Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop. It's Not Just For Breakfast.

This past Friday I was at a playdate. One of the kids left the baby gate open, LittleMan man a beeline for the stairs. I ran after him to scoop him up. I did so, and ended up on the floor not able to breathe. The pain in my back was so horrendous--it felt as if one of my ribs had punctured my lung.

Since that time, I have not been able to get up off of the couch or bed without feeling winded. Movement in my entire neck and left side of my back have been restricted because of the pain. I have not been able to bend my neck down to look at my feet. I told Hubbie holy shit! This is what it feels like to be old and decrepit.

After a hot shower did little to help, I broke down and took a few paracetamol pills (that's acetaminophen to you culturally deficient Americans. :) Then Hubbie said the magic words:

I think some of the chiropractors here in town are on our insurance.

Say no more. I called last night and left a message at a place that is literally across the street and run by one of the husbands of a mom I know. And lo and behold--they called this morning and said they could see me within the hour.

And I could bring LittleMan to the office with me. That they always have kids in there and it would be no problem.

So if you heard a gigantic CRACK earlier today, it was not thunder. It was the sound of my back and neck being snapped back into place. In sum:

  • I freaked the poor man out when I let him feel how my shoulder snaps around in its socket. He actually snatched his hand off of my shoulder and exclaimed "Stop it! Stop it!" in a horrified voice. LOL LOL LOL

  • Apparently, your back is not supposed to crack when you are adjusted. If your back is in a "good" way, there should be no movement at all.

  • He told me that my back was so fucked up that he probably had moved every single bone in my back and neck.

  • He wanted to see me the same afternoon again. That he wouldn't charge me another copay as it was the same day, but that he wanted to do another adjustment this afternoon because everything was so out of whack.

  • Poor LittleMan got scared when he saw the doctor leaning on my chest to adjust me. I did feel badly about that.

But, hallelujah!! I feel AMAZING!! I am not 100%, but I still feel like a million bucks! My back muscles are sore in the area that I wrenched, but I can BREATHE!! And I can MOVE! I can actually turn my head to the left when I drive, and I can actually look at my feet again! It's a miracle! LOL

Granted, I cried like an idiot during the second time I was there because the sound of my bones cracking amplified through my skull freaks the shit out of me. But I will be going back again in the morning for more treatment. After being in so much pain, it really makes you appreciate your body when it starts to feel good again.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I rationally, logically know that a chiropractor would help my back issues. It's the whole mental issue of hearing my back crack as if it's being broken that I can't get past. Maybe someday...

Glad you're feeling better, hon!

Patois42 said...

Hurray for you. Now, be careful on future playdates, please.

Anonymous said...

Look out for those playdates! They can be lethal! That's why I try to avoid them altogether!