Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And You Named Your Kid That Because?

Here is a perfect example of why I don't want people in my real life to read this blog. I am about to bitch about a good friend of mine. She is a lovely person, and I love her dearly. But I had a WTF moment on the phone with her earlier this week. It would devastate her to know that she is the subject of a Stupid Moms post, but I just have to go there.

I was super excited for MusicMaven to get the Christmas present I sent her daughter. I love giving creative gifts, and I was especially proud of this one. They are kind of groovy family. They named their dear daughter after Bob Dylan. Middle name that is. Dylan is a popular name right now, but this was done (supposedly) out of a love for the man's music, not the "cool" factor that the name currently enjoys.

So I had a t-shirt made for her daughter. With her name on it, together with a very popular symbol of Bob Dylan's music. I waited on tenterhooks while the package made it's way through the postal system.

We happened to be on the phone when she got her mail. I was so excited!! She opened the package. There was the usual "Oh, isn't that cute" kind of commentary, but more of the general kind. I started to talk about specifically having the shirt made because of the whole music/Dylan thing. Then she said it.

Um. Okay. I am not really getting the Dylan reference here. What do you mean?

Oh. My. Fucking. God. I am not a Dylan fan myself, but here I found myself explaining to someone who named her kid after the man what the symbol on the t-shirt meant and how it was related to Dylan.

She spluttered a little bit. Oh yeah. Oh yeah! I understand. I guess I'm just tired and a little distracted today.


I still love her dearly. She is still one of my closest friends. But what the fuck are you doing telling people you named your kid after someone when you are obviously not that big of a fan. That is like giving your kid the middle name "Buffett" and then not understanding when someone gives you a shirt with a parrot on it.

So please people, if you are going to name your kids or pets after some kind of cultural icon, know what the hell you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

Definitely stupid!

Here you go putting all this thought into that gift only to find out that she didn't put that much thought into naming her kid... and told everyone she did! Beautiful. Classic.

She is your friend, though. Not worth getting upset over... although if I had spent all that time creating a gift I'd probably be pissed.

Decidedly a WTF moment! Life is so full of them!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Niiiiiiice. Totally classic. Just get over it, name your kid Madison Dylan Emma Ava Emily and just admit you did it because you liked those names and they're popular!

Unknown said...

LOL! I named my child after a character in a cult-classic flick, but I know the movie backwards and forwards! :)

me said...

People are weird about acting like they know things or like things, that they obviously know nothing about. :) Don't they know that you will find them out sooner or later. Especially a dear friend... when will they learn??? :)
It sounds like a great gift by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! LMAO

Ooooh, just like "Did you name her after the character in the movie?" questions that I get!

Dude, there WAS a name previous to the movie...LOL

Oh, and if she didn't get the Dylan reference, she should be shot! ;)

Anonymous said...

""Just get over it, name your kid Madison Dylan Emma Ava Emily and just admit you did it because you liked those names and they're popular!""

And of course THIS comment (especially the AVA part) has me ROLLING IN THE FLOOR!!!

RiverPoet said...

Ha! Love it!

My pup is named Bodhi. Specifically Sanatana Bodhisattva. We're Buddhists, naturally :-)

Most people don't get it. It's only important that we do.

In another aside, my son was born on Robert Plant's 40th birthday, but my husband (who is also a big Led Zep fan) flatly refused Robert Anthony as a name. :-/

Peace - D