Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thurs13: 13 Reasons Not To Bring Your Toddlers To T*rget

13 Reasons Not To Bring Your Toddlers To T*rget

  1. There are no cup holders in the cart for your Starbucks
  2. The dollars bins are too exciting, and they want one of everything
  3. Your two year-old will want to help you push the cart, not ride in it
  4. She will help you pick out clothes by pulling things off of the rack, telling you how pretty it is, then stuffing it onto the bottom rack of the cart
  5. You will have to physically remove her from said clothing section because she wants to look "at just one more thing"
  6. When shopping for "ballerina clothes" for her dance class, once you remove her sneakers you will not be allowed to put them back on without a knock-down drag-out fight
  7. She will lay on the floor because she NEEDS a pretty belt, but you won't put it in the cart
  8. One year old will wake up, want a taste of your Starbucks and scream when he can't have any
  9. You will stand in the wrong line at the register
  10. The one year-old will scream at the indignity of it all
  11. Your two year-old will hop up and down yelling that she has to pee
  12. The lady behind you will continually comment on how "He just wants to be picked up"
  13. When you finally get the two year-old into the bathroom and tell her not to touch the toilet, she will immediately walk over to the seat and put her hands on it while you struggle with screaming one year-old

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jenn said...

Sounds like you have your hands full!
Happy TT!

Heather said...

Yes Pat, I'll take the padded cell for $100! Glad you made it out of there alive! The lady behind me would so totally gotten creamed!

April Elizabeth said...

according to your #2, me and your toddle have a lot in common.

Great list! Good luck at target.

Blue Momma said...

What is it with the hands on the toilet bit? Are there magic words that I just don't know that will keep them from touching it?

And why, after swabbing the toilet with his hands does he then want to hug me and rub my face?

Holly said...

Ha ha - I remember those days...

I'm all for dumping the Starbucks on the lady behind you...(whoops did I say that?!)



AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I've been to your Target!! Almost every single fargin day. With my own LOVELY two year old, who jumps out of the cart and into my arms with a, "I LOOOVVVEEE YOU!! Smooch." Kids??!!!