Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going On My First Blind Date...But Don't Tell My Hubbie

Yes, I am happily married. But tonight I get to go on a blind date of sorts. Heather over at Coalminer's GD and I are hooking up for dinner tonight! I have never met a fellow blogger before. Honestly, I never thought my blogging activities would amount to much. Boy was I wrong!

In a sense it feels like a blind date--What should I wear? What are we going to talk about? More the problem: We have a TON to talk about, and limited time in which to get it all out! LOL If it weren't for the fact that my kids have had me in tears on three separate occasions today, I would have a silly grin on my face. Instead, I am praying that naptime will soon commence, then begin the countdown until my mom gets home to watch the kids. This evening cannot come soon enough! I am bringing my camera to commemorate this momentous occasion. And for sake of all that is holy, I CANNOT forget the coffee!


Heather said...

Don't worry about the coffee... just don't forget yourself! I could hear the police scanners now, "Yes, this is Officer Dollard, we've pulled over what appears to be a bag of Starbucks."

See you later!

Coalminers GD

Patois said...

How way cool. I've not meant any fellow bloggers. (Well, at least none of those who don't work for a newspaper.) (I used to work at a newspaper.) (Why do I keep using parantheses?)

April Elizabeth said...

good luck!!!!

I'm dying to meet fellow bloggers, but also afraid ill dye meeting fellow bloggers, so i have not.

Blue Momma said...

I haven't had the opportunity to meet any of my blogging friends either. I'm so jealous!!!

I'm having another playgroup at my house on Monday. If you start driving now and drive straight through you should be able to make it.

Go on. Hurry up. I'm waiting.