Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flaky Moms

I got bailed on for the AI finale tonight. By two separate women. I am so sick of these flaky moms. Don't make plans with me and then break them because "I'm tired". Bullshit. My house is honestly a three minute drive away. I am maybe a mile away. (Note to self: clock it when I drive by tomorrow). We actually live on the same street. Especially when I know that the reason you are bailing is because your husband is an asshole and won't let you come. Just say so, for fucks sake.

I swear, if my dh came home tonight and said he was being transferred to another state I would not care right now. There are a lot of nice things about living here, but I want to be in a place where I have more of a choice in the "friend-pool". I know my dd would miss the friends she has met here, and that the grass is always greener, but I am so over this. Pardon the whiny tone of this post. I just needed to vent.


Blue Momma said...

You can move to Alabama and we can hang! I NEVER bail on TV!!!!