Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MIL Is a Wackjob: Mother's Day

I married a foreigner. An honest-to-god card-carrying-member foreigner. I have lived in his country, and we are back in the US for various reasons.

Mother's Day in the US was this past Sunday. I have not actually sent a card to his mother in quite sometime. Why? Several years ago, the conversation went like this:

Us: We wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day
MIL: Huh?
Us: It is Mother's Day in the US, so we wanted to wish you a happy day
MIL: But it isn't Mother's Day here
Us: Right...but it is here in the US so we were calling to wish you a happy day
MIL: But is isn't Mother's Day here...

Okay, ungrateful hag. Nevermind.

So this year, I decided to send her a card anyway. I sent her a grandmother card from the kids. I am glad I send it before we talked to her on Sunday.

We Skyped with his parents, and when MIL sat down in front of the camera to talk, my sweet dh told her happy Mother's Day.

Her response, "Eh?"

So he repeated himself, today was Mother's Day in the US, blah blah blah. And she said, "Okay." Then changed the subject.

No happy Mother's Day wish to me or asking about our plans or anything. WTF, lady? I was so steamed by the end of the conversation I could barely see straight. I should have known this was coming. It is exactly how she always is, and it is my fault for having a Pollyanna attitude that it will be different the next time. I think she must have realized something was amiss because at the end of the conversation she told me to have a nice Mother's Day. Nice after thought, honey.

I am glad I took the high road and sent her a card anyway. I do not feel so charitable now, but it was the right thing to do.

Bring on the good karma. Or if I count my karma points, does it negate them?