Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Can't Stand Your Husband

I am sure this sounds harsh, but I cannot stand my best friend's husband. The longer we are friends, the more I loathe him.

He probably seems like a great deal to some women, but there are several issues here. Many of them are tied to my best friend and her attitude.

She has a completely no bull-shit attitude with most people. She calls them on whatever crap they throw her way and does not put up with anything. Except for her husband. He has pulled more crazy shit on her, and she absolutely will not acknowledge it. This irritates me on many levels.

I know the solution to this. If she just said, "I know he is being a shit right now" or "I can't believe what a fuckhead he is being" I would be fine with it.

Instead, she will give me an example of something stupid he has done, but then in the next breath tell me what a competent father he is. Bull-shitter!!!

I do not know if this is a defense mechanism of hers or not. I honestly have not been brave enough to ask. I have several theories that I will discuss here in the future as it is appropriate. I have made it my new personal resolution to be a bit more upfront with her. We shall see how it goes.