Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MIL Is A Wackjob Because...

This is the first of many of these posts. I need to spare my poor dh the misery of my continuous litany of what a crazy bitch his mother is.

So for today...

My MIL is a wackjob because we told her not to smoke with the door open because the baby's bed was right next to the door. The rule in our new place was the same as our old: smoke on the balcony with the door SHUT.

Interestingly, the door would be shut if I were upstairs. If I were downstairs and she went out to smoke, lo and behold. The door would be open, my living room would be filled with tobacco smoke, and my one month-old was sleeping right there in the midst of it all. Fuck you, crazy lady!!!!! Kill yourself with your cancer sticks, but keep them away from my kids!