Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Check Is In the Mail

I may be flippant and irreverent, but I also tend to hold people to fairly high standards of etiquette. I could lie and say I won't judge you on a breach of protocol, but it would be just that. A lie. I don't expect perfect behavior, but I demand common sense.

A former friend of mine has lately barraged my email and social website wall with requests for donations to her upcoming pink charity walk. I say former friend because a month and a half ago, she IM'd me to ask about my trip to Sweden, and when my browser dropped the chat window sent me a snarky email informing me that I must have had something else to do and that she'd talk to me later. I hate to see what kind of voice mails she leaves when a cell call gets dropped.

So here we are, six weeks later, and she still hasn't spoken to me. Still, she has the gall to hit me up for cash to sponsor her charity. Really? I don't know what fucked up version of Dear Abby she's been reading, but I find that to be completely bad form.

So, honey, the check is in the mail. Oh, that's right. We're not speaking. Guess not.


Mouthy One said...

Unfriend. Defriend. Dump her ass.

Patois said...

Totally unfriend.