Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Time and A Place

We've heard stories of DC traffic and DC drivers. My poor husband got a taste of both today.

We bought a bed for our daughter, and my husband, on his birthday no less, drove up to Maryland to pick it up. The frame and headboard were broken down and stuffed into every spare cubic inch our Jeep could hold. The platform did not break down and was therefore strapped to the roof.

The scenario: Jeep with massive platform perched on roof. Tailgate roped down. Hazards on. A left entrance on ramp from 270 to I-495.

The result: Honking horns and liberal use of the finger.

People veered around him, shouting and telling him to fuck off. He was only on the interstate for ten minutes, but you would have thought by the way these people reacted that my husband was specifically out on the road just to piss them off. It was ten minutes of sheer hell.

A note to all drivers: If you see someone towing or hauling something in the right hand (read: slow) lane with hazards on to warn people around them just let it go. They aren't out to get you. They aren't out there to make you late. That is why there are lanes to the left. Use them. And keep your finger to yourself.


Anonymous said...

How frustrating...these days, everyone thinks both lanes are for speed demons! Hope his birthday got better after he arrived home.

KJ said...

Ugh. Goes for L.A. too. I get such nasty looks turning left to my son's school in the morning, I'm considering making a sign to hold up that says, "YES, I ONLY PROCREATED TO MAKE YOU LATE."

jayna said...

We've been here three days and I've already cried because of the asshats on the road.

Of course, they were tears of rage, accompanied by the choice words for the situation, but still . . . drivers suck here.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@suzicate: We had Chinese for dinner, so that helped.

@Kat: Now that would be awesome! Make sure to photo it and post about it! LOL

@Jayna: I do everything possible to avoid the interstate. Seriously.