Friday, February 27, 2009

You Sure Do Pick Goofy Friends

You sure do pick goofy friends.

That was the comment my mother made to me yesterday.

Sadly, I am beginning to agree with her.

My brief conversation with one of my closest friends in the ATL went bad like a diaper in a hot car trunk.

She and her family had gone to visit their relatives in New England. They did this last year, and I remember the nightmare of a plane ride.

I asked how the trip went. It turns out they drove. And what lies directly halfway along the way? Me.

What do you mean you drove? Eyes narrowed. Voice lowered. Head cocked to the side.

Apparently, they drove up and didn't feel like stopping. Not just on the way up. Not on the way back, either. Not when they were stuck in DC traffic. Not when her baby puked on her and the upholstery.

They were fifteen minutes away from my house.

There is so much wrong with this situation it makes my scalp tingle. Even if they had been two hours away, we would have driven to meet them for a cup of coffee and a bathroom break. Even though it was 1am on the way up they could have let the kids sleep a few hours in a real bed and get a hot meal. We would have been ecstatic to see them.

When her baby puked on her in downtown DC traffic, they could have come and had a shower and done a quick load of clothes so the car didn't smell like vomit for another ten hours down to ATL.

But they didn't.

What the fuck is wrong with me?


RiverPoet said...

Oh, I'm sorry sweetie. Next time someone pukes on me, I'll come over, 'k? ;-)

Seriously, I can't imagine why your friend wouldn't come see you. That's just rude.


Patois said...

Don't you mean, "What the fuck is wrong with your 'friend'?"

buddha_girl said...

You know what? There is nothing wrong with you.

I'm with Patois on this one.

I would have gone out of my damn way to stop by and take advantage of your friendship, understanding, and generousity.

Your scalp tingling is nothing in comparison to the beat-down I'd like to give your "friend."

It's almost as if she was actually LOOKING for a fight of sorts. She didn't HAVE to mention that she'd driven by. She chose to flaunt it. THAT'S what I hate about it. Go check your email.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. Your friends have the same disease as all of my mom's family. The same bullshit goes on with them. "Oh! Let's drive to Florida! We need to go to Atlanta on business!"

Do I ever see them? No.

Do I care anymore. Fuck no.

Their loss. Not yours. Love you, hon.

Joe said...

I'm also with Patois. Shame on your "friend" for not calling for at least a cup of coffee.0-0-= (sorry, Tyler found the keyboard)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@RP: You can use my Frankenstein shower any time.

@Patois: No, I meant what I wrote. I needed to express a moment of self-pity.

@BuddhaGirl: It is not often I am surprised, but your take on the situation never occurred to me. Definitely something to ponder.

@CMGD: She is now on my do-not-call list. And I will need you to keep me strong when I am down in the ATL. They live relatively close to my parents, and we usually do playdates. Hmpf.

@Joe: Awww! Tell Tyler he is welcome to comment anytime!

Gypsy said...

I think that would have made me cry. {hugs}

Robin (a.k.a. Toasty) said...

Stupid PEOPLE! Stupid, stupid people. You deserve better. Let her and her pukey baby walk on by. (Sorry so harsh, I just hate Rudy McRuderstein!)