Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Lonely Goatherd

I am spending New Years Eve alone tonight. The kids are snuggled up in their beds. My parents are at a party. Hubbie is at a party three states away, and I am here.

I do not believe I have ever spent this holiday alone.

I am not quite sure how I feel about it.

I know I will get a call from my better half at midnight, so in this wild world I am not truly alone. It just feels strange. Kind of like all the people I love spread out on little hilltops shouting tidings of joy and good cheer to each other on the winds of the new year. Close, but not quite together.

So here is a yodel and a toast from a travelin' NATUI. May you look back on this year with a kind eye, and see the year ahead with an open mind. Here's to love, peace and badass bloggery. Layee odl, layee odl layee-oo!


RiverPoet said...

Oh, I'm sorry you had to spend the night without Mr. NATUI. :-(

I hope you all have a wonderful new year! Peace - D

A Free Man said...

I've spent New Years alone before. Wasn't that bad really, for me it's not that big a deal. Hope it went OK.

We had a really festive New Year. We were in bed by 10. What exciting lives we do lead.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@RiverPoet: We rang in the New Year on the phone, so it was all good!

@A Free Man: It was fine, actually. I watched a great documentary on Mary Poppins (no, I am not being facetious). It made for a nice start to 2009. Now, if I could just get that cleaning thing to start when I snap my fingers I'd be golden!

buddha_girl said...

I'm like you - I've never spent a NY "alone." I'm glad you knew that Mr. NATUI would be calling at the witching hour.

Here's to a beautiful new year and amazing experiences surprising you every day!

musing said...

Here's to love, peace and badass bloggery.

I second that!

Also, I'd like to quote you on my blog. Would you email me about it?