Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How We Spent Election Day and Night

I'm not even going to try for a Wordless Wednesday today. Instead, here was how we spent yesterday.

LittleMan even got a sticker!!


Watching the results come in


Who are these crazy women and what have you done with my mother?


LittleMan just can't handle the excitement


LittleBird won't snuggle with me, but she will with my friend.


Cigars get passed out


LittleBird finally crashes in my arms after Obama's speech


It was a memorable night!


K-Mom said...

It was a beautiful, wonderful, excellent night! THIS is the America I want to raise my child in.

A Free Man said...

Looks like a great night. As you probably know, I had to watch from work. But a lot of my coworkers were nearly as excited as I was!

RiverPoet said...

It was a great night for America. I had guests over here, too - my son and his friend. We laughed and talked and watched those returns come in - it was amazing. I was so exhausted from cooking and entertaining that I nearly fell asleep during Obama's speech!

Peace - D

SSG said...

i conked out at 1am in the UK... wish I had stayed awake to see history! and stickers for your kids, that is great! one day they'll know what it meant to have Obama elected...

Joe said...

I stayed up until 2am. Hearing Obama's victory speech made it all worthwhile. Very very memorable.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@K-Mom: Amen sister!

@AFM: Isn't it great to have other countries be as excited as we are?

@RiverPoet: It was DEF a night to remember

@SSG: I'm glad we got photos of them to help remember

@Joe: That was the great thing about being on EST. We were up late, but not THAT late.