Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Butterfly Boy


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A Free Man said...

Why did you dress your poor boy like a butterfly? A dragonfly, yes. Wasp, definitely. One of those kick ass stag beetles, right on!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Great picture, NATUI!

@ a free man - Dude. Both my boys wear Tinkerbell wings. And they're OK with their masculinity. :)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@AFM: He dressed himself, man. They are LittleBird's fairy wings, but he found them and kept saying "Buffly! Buffly!" Who am I to say no? Freedom of expression!!

@CMGD: Preach on, sista Heatha!!

Vixen said...

My son always was 'borrowing' big sisters stuff. He grew up to be a perfectly normal serial killer.

Ha, ha. Just kidding. AFM started it. Blame him.

But really, my son is perfect. And not a killer at all.

Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping by! I LOVE the title of your blog LOL I feel ya, mama! ;) Great photo here!

Sue said...

What a fun pic! Happy WW :)