Monday, August 18, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

We are trying to get our trip overseas organized.

We have been calling and emailing people to book lunches, dates, and the like with them so that we have the time to see everyone.

No one will give us a firm day. NO. ONE.

We keep hearing call us when you get here.


We have ten days, people. TEN days. If we are flying five fucking thousand miles, dragging two small children with us, the least you can do is block out one night so we can plan the rest of our trip.

Fuckers. The lot of you.


Jay said...

I hear you. We had some of the same thing when we flew to the US recently. There were the girls I'd planned to meet, and that was great, but there were others I'd tried to make plans with and it was 'ring us when you get here'.

We never did get to see some of them. I think people underestimate how much time it takes to organise things and overestimate how much time you'll have. They forget that when you're on holiday, you want to use every bit of your time, not sit around waiting on phone calls.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

People have no. fucking. clue. This is why I no longer go to West Virginia with the kids. And that's just 500 miles away!!!

I feel for you, hon. I really do and I'm sorry.

Patois said...

I'd say you could cross a few folks off your list of must-sees.

Anonymous said...

That would drive me frickin bonkers.

Sherrie said...

I still come over whenever we have internet, but I rarely comment, but that one makes me furious! Maybe as well because I had a dagger in the back email waiting for me from my cousin, and I am still seething, but really, are people idiots? I truly believe that people are just clueless. gaaaa

Good luck with not dropkicking everyone! :) (and with reconnecting!)

Not Afraid To Use It said...

@Jay: And especially with young children involved! Grrrr. I am sorry you went through the same thing. It makes you wonder about priorities, eh?

@CMGD: Part of the sting is that one of these "people" is LittleMan's GODPARENTS--who have never even met him. I know they are on vacation right now, and I know they will be going through a move when we get there, but ALL THE MORE REASON to book the damn date!

@Patois: I'd say you said right.

@Geek_Mom: Dude. It does. Nice to see you here!

@Sherrie: Glad to see you too! I am LOVING your pictures and adventures! Sorry to hear about the email from your cousin. Care to share?

Gypsy said...

Hello, frustrating.

hollystar said...

i hate that!!!! people need to be better planners. period. fuck tolerance, the world would be a better place if people just planned better.


K-Mom said...

Hubby and I get frustrated like this come into town and you're so excited to see everyone and then some people act like it's too much work to get their asses off the sofa and come visit.

Pisses me off every time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, take me with you & I'll open up a can of whoopass on their little inconsiderate asses. They ain't seen whoopin till they get a Bama girl on 'em.

Ok, I have NO idea where the fuck that came from...apparently I'm feeling protective of my NATUI and family...I'm sorry no one will give you a firm date, that sucks.

Sending you lots of Georgia love!