Friday, May 9, 2008

Drive Thru Employment Requirements

1. Speak the Lingo If Not the Language

My asking "Are you out of strawberry sundaes or do you just not carry them?" is not the same as asking you to recite the formula for a quadratic equation. Don't keep pointing to my receipt and repeating "Caramel. Chocolate." I know what the fuck I ordered. Even if you do not speak English, learn the fucking menu.

2. Be Aesthetically Pleasing To the Senses

I am all about equal employment opportunities. I get it. However, do not let the dude with the milky white eye with no pupil or iris give me my soft serve ice cream sundae. Please.

Thank you. That will be all.


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Sound rules to follow - I want you on my royal policy team, lady.

Although maybe the milky-eyed guy had just eaten his weight in ice cream and was (literally) full up to his eyeball.

Anonymous said...


Momma said...

Eeeeeeew. I don't think I could eat ice cream given to me by a guy with a milky white eye. Seriously. Sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel.

Peace - D