Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amy Grant's Evil Twin

Don't worry, I'm not about to get all Christified on you.

But I do have a dirty little secret.

I play guitar. Or should I say, I played guitar. For years.

At church.

Going to a parochial school will do that to you. I admit that I loved it. We had a folksy teacher and it really shaped how I view god and things of a spiritual nature.

Today, whilst picking up LittleBird from preschool, I saw the director coming out of Chapel with a guitar. I thought about it for two seconds. I opened my mouth.

I volunteered to help out with Chapel next year as part of my co-op requirement for the school.

Let me clarify. I volunteered my rusty-dusty-John-Denver-Morning-Has-
Broken-inspired-mad-guitar-skillz for next year.

What the fuck was I thinking.


Molly's Mom said...

LOL! You'll be fine...think how proud your kids will be when you break out that gee-tar?
Maybe you should learn how to play Stairway to Heaven, unless you already know how- I will confess that I know how to play the little recorder ditty from the very beginning of that song...

Mermaid said...

Several random thoughts come to mind:
1. Better get practicing.
2. Maybe they'll forget you volunteered (I always hope for that one, but it hasn't saved me yet).
3. You will be the coolest mom at school.
4. Use it or lose it?
5. Do you only know John Denver songs? Personally, I like John Denver, but you might have to dust off Wheels on the Bus.
6. Somewhere in your heart you really wanted to do this.
7. Every once in a while the brain lets the crazy part inside do the talking.
8. Is it too late to change schools?

The crazy part inside me does a lot of talking, and it usually works out just fine. Good Luck :)

Momma said...

I'm proud of you! You tapped into something from your past which gave you some happiness. Maybe you need that again?

Peace - D

Jay said...

Once you get back in the swing of things, you'll probably love it!

I have a theory that when our mouths open and we say these things, it's because really deep down, we do want to do them.

highlander1463 said...

I am trying to stop talking around people. I hate the taste of my own foot :-P

On the other hand, I have played guitar for years. My son is just now taking up the bass and is driving me nuts for lessons. I should have hidden all my music stuff when I had the


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Aw, yeah baby! There had better be some video evidence later on, sweetie! :-)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Molly's Mom: Yeah, I think I'm leaving Stairway to Heaven along for now. LOL

@Mermaid: No, I don't know many John Denver songs, and yes--I really did want to do this. I promised myself when my first was born that I would take the guitar back up. Three years later, here is my chance.

@Momma: Yes, I do need it again. I think it will be fun.

@Jay: I agree. It is something that will be good for me.

@Highlander: You have a point there!

@CMGD: You'll get video all right. Wearing my Lisa Loeb glasses and my bitch-kickers sitting in front of the altar (or whatever the hell this particular denomination calls it) in all my glory. :)

Chris in Happy Valley said...

Go and rock the chapel, dude. Seriously - "Morning Has Broken" - that'll burn down the house.

Gypsy said...

Let it shine! ;)