Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

I am an übergeek. I know it, my family knows it. My kids don't stand a chance.

One of our favorite songs is You Are My Sunshine. There is a long history behind our singing it to the children, and because the original lyrics are not very sunny our version goes like this.

You are my LittleBird/LittleMan
My only LittleBird/LittleMan
You make me happy every day
I hope you know, dear
How much I love you
We give hugs and kissess all day

Hokey? Probably. Listening the kids sing along? Priceless.

We've needed a little sunshine around here lately. A lot, in fact. Things have been much more difficult than I had anticipated. One of my few afternoon pleasures is watching Star Trek Voyager. Laugh if you will, but LittleBird loves her some Janeway--to the point where she was talking about Janeway in her sleep the other night. Recently she has gotten very hooked on Seven of Nine.

It was very appropriate, therefore, that this afternoon my favorite episode of all time aired. The episode in which Seven of Nine and The Doctor sing You Are My Sunshine. Now most men appreciate Jeri Ryan for her phenomenal rack, but I absolutely love her singing voice. There is just something about the tone of it. I have had this Voyager version of the song on my computer and burned to CD since the late 90s. Yes, I listen to it on a regular basis. Yes, that makes me a total geek. Knowing the characters gives this version depth beyond the vocals, but this arrangement is hands down the best I have ever heard.

So if you like Star Trek, you can watch this clip. If you don't, play it anyway but close your eyes. Just listen. It really is quite amazing. Her voice is mesmerizing, and the harmony makes me want to take singing lessons.


hollystar said...

dude, i'm a total trekie. you'de never know from the outside (other than the "my other car was assimilated" bumper sticker), but the inside loves me some TNG & voyager.

ever since my son was born, his nap schedule has revolved around airings of TNG, but now, since TNG is not being aired at this time, he starts his nap around the time that spike tv airs the first daily episode of voyager.

my kid(s) has/have no chance either. for the most part, my husband and i are normal looking people, but i watch star trek like there is no tomorrow (stargate sg-1 too!), husband is a chemical engineer who supports "the growing need for advanced metrology solutions" (GEEK!!!), and (to top it off) we met while plaing a mmorpg (aka. dorky online game). the kid is screwed.

Momma said...

LOL - now I see why CMGD says you two were separated at birth!

I think it's a sweet song, and I always made up lyrics to sing to my kids, too. If nothing else, they knew they were loved.

Peace - D

buddha_girl said...

I'm not a Trek kinda person, but You Are My Sunshine makes my heart melt every damn time.

1. My older sister sang it to me when I was little. She died when I was 15.

2. I sang it to Buddha every day, many times each day during his first three months - he was born in June - I didn't have to return to work until mid-August. To this day, I sing or hum it to him when he's fretting. Beautiful stuff, I tell ya.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@hollystar: It is great that your Trekkie side doesn't show from the outside. That way, you gain their confidence and then SPRING it on them when they least expect it!

@Momma: I promise CMGD and I will do a rendition of it for you when we all get together.

@Buddha-girl: I didn't know about your sister. I am really sorry. I am sure every time you sing it to Buddha she is smiling.

Chris in Flux said...

Not much of a Trekkie, but a big fan of personalizing songs. My favorite right now is "My Name Is Zach" to the tune of "Miss Mary Mack".

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@CiF: That's a good one. It's so much fun to personalize the songs. One day, it will embarrass the hell out of our children. But I just can't help myself.