Monday, March 3, 2008

Playdate. Mandate. Everywhere a Date Date.

For two Mondays in a row I have had a playdate. With my friend's husband.

Climb out of the gutter you rapscallions. Not THAT kind of playdate. Though he is a good-looking guy. My girlfriend works M-F days, and her husband has Mondays off. So he came down to my parent's house today with his daughter so she and LittleBird could play together.

The kids had a blast, but that is not the point. The point is that I had a playdate with my friend's husband. She was cool with it. I was cool with it. Our respective hubbies were fine with it.

There are thousands of women out there gasping in horror at the very idea.

It's improper! It's indecent! You can't trust a woman to have regular social interactions with your husband!

I do not frequent mothering sites like I used to, but these are the fairly typical threads one would find. Can your husband be friends with a woman? Oh no! I won't let my husband have any female friends. Blah blah blah.

For fuckssake people. What is the point of being married if you don't trust your partner? Does that mean your spouse can't work with people of the opposite sex? There is temptation everywhere. Get over it.

All I know is that I would love for my husband to have a playdate with my kids and any one of my friends. The whole point is to socialize as a family. Hubbie comes with me to all birthday parties, school functions (when work allows) and all holiday parties. He is just as much a parent as I am. He has every right to be there. He has every right to participate. I feel this includes playdates. If someone wants to get the kids together, but I am not available why in the hell wouldn't he be welcome?

This is why I think most moms are assholes. I find it insulting as hell that there are these stupid moms out there who find a mom/husband playdate inappropriate. Thankfully, Hubbie agrees with me and does not question why I do not have more mom friends. Who needs the aggravation?


Avitable said...

My best friends are mainly women, and I couldn't be married to a woman who didn't trust me to spend time with them without thinking I was jumping their bones or something.

Momma said...

Almost 100% of my husband's friends are women, and not necessarily women that I know. To my knowledge, he has never cheated on me, but our relationship is strong enough that I don't spin my wheels thinking things like that (though I did worry as a young bride - I was extra neurotic then).

He even spent 2 years as a SAHD while I was doing tons of business travel. He used to have coffee dates with the moms after they all put the kids on the school bus. Most of them (including us) had at least one who wasn't in school yet, so it was a nice break in his day. Plus, I'd like to think that it made him a better parent. He got lots of role models.

Rock on, girl. Enjoy those play dates!

Peace - D

Betsey Booms said...

Most moms are assholes... true enough.

Okay... While my husband and I don't typically hang with the opposite sex when the other is not around... This really seems honest enough.

People are just freaks... plain and simple.

Chris in Oxford said...

Both my partner and I have lots of friends of the opposite sex that we socialize with together and alone. It's all about trust, isn't it!

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

What constantly appalls me is the control crap that some wives put their husbands through - and that the husbands obediently, cheerfully obey!
And, of course, "the rules" are all revealed in some cringe-worthy cutesy widdle baby voice. Talk about the ties that bind. Yar. Is this a partnership or a slave ring? For pity's sake, hand that man back his package.

Dame Wonder said...

I agree with you. The moms you're talking about are insecure and/or don't have stable marriages. Idiot women! I found you through Andrea's blog. I LOVE this blog of yours! It's fresh, honest and funny!

Dame Wonder

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

You know what? Our friends, Michael and Kristi (the Supermom) are like this. I was friends with Michael waaaaay before he met and married Kristi. Kristi and I go out on girls' nights and Ty-man and Michael do movie nights. Well, I haven't seen or talked to Michael in MONTHS. So, I suggested that he and I do a movie night and Ty-man and Kristi could do coffee. Michael thought I had asked him to strip naked and have sex with him.

Drives me nuts.

Andrea said...

Amen! (a word I rarely use) I feel quite lucky that I can trust my husband...