Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Money Than Sense

There was an article in our local paper today about three-year olds going to a party put on by Posh Tots Events.

Will someone just shoot me now.

The paper quoted a children's tea party for 10 ranging from $600 to $1400.

Let that soak in for a second.

A mortgage payment for a toddler birthday party.

Chris in Oxford thought he had it bad with the locker room banter.

You could do this yourself, have so much fun doing it for your child, and save all that cash.

But I guess that isn't the point.

When you have more money than sense, these companies are more than happy to take it from you.

And you deserve to get taken to the cleaners for being such a pompous fucking ass.


Betsey Booms said...

I'm pretty sure we could be best buddies.

I have always had more time than money. Sense too.

But my problem is I'm a perpetual tightwad and I'm totally sure I can always do it for cheaper.

It's almost a sickness with me.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude, it's called Elmo cupcakes, Elmo balloons, and animal crackers for all the kids in attendance (which includes the immature adult buddies). What a bunch of image-conscious motherfuckers who should be more concerned with their kids having fun, not how much they spent. GAD!

Wow! I got to say motherfuckers! Can I say cocksucker, too? Ooops! Just did...

Not Afraid To Use It said...

Seriously! Did you see the website? The first sentence calling a child's birthday the "social event of the year"? If my kids birthday is the social event of the year, I need a new social life. No wonder kids feel so entitled and take no responsibility nowadays. Blech.

Molly's Mom said...

Don't you wish you could be the one taking these morons to the cleaners? I mean, really! My little miss didn't even have a themed party this year, other than "pink", stuff either left over from old parties or from the 1/2 off card shop. I did go a little out of my way to get a Charlie Brown cake made for her, since that's what she requested.

highlander1463 said...

There must be some strange cosmic law that allows idiots to actually make enough money to spend it on such nonsense. Unfortunately those laws do not apply to me.

(Ha Ha...Ha Ha...she said "fucking ass")

Momma said...

W O W !

I wish I could find a way to convince the mommy brigade with the gold-plated strollers to give ME some of that money. If you go to Bethesda any given afternoon, you'll see all the rich Ladies Who Lunch trying to figure out how to spend hubby's money on things like tot tea parties. Ridiculous.

And someday we'll be dealing with those overprivileged babies in general society!

(don't even get me started...) D

Andrea said...

I want to own a company that caters to people who have more money than sense! How do I do this? (especially in good conscience?)

Blue Momma said...

I want a tea party when I come to visit, ok? Except I don't drink tea - I'd prefer margaritas.

We went to a party a few weeks ago which sounds pretty similar to these, but more kids were allowed and they paid less than $400. Pricey for my pocketbook, but the kids had a damn ball. It was a princess and knights theme.

Of course my kid was the only kid there who refused to dress up.

Chris in Oxford said...

I think your title says it all. Personally I've never had much of either. Glad I could be a source of inspiration again ;)

Kat said...

You. Are so. Funny. For real. I just linked to you on my page so I can check back. =)
I knew someone in FL who rented a petting zoo and a clown show for her kid's FIRST freakin birthday party - and had a caterer. I'm still speechless.
My MIL is a bitch too... I posted lots about her in December when she was here torturing me for a whole month.

Nicole said...

Well, the princess' birthday party this year had lots of food but it was for the parents LOL...we had a "french chef" theme because she was getting a kitchen for a present, all the "give aways" came from the dollar store and everything was red, white & blue.

That was it...and can you believe that there were parents there who actually said to me "don't you have anything for them to do?" when the kids were all playing with the princess' toys in her playroom. They were content!

Damn me for not having a photo-op for the parents! LOL