Sunday, March 16, 2008

Updated: If I Don't Kill Her, I'll Have Internet Tomorrow

Crazy LandLady is on her way over right now. She is trying to add a painting addendum to our lease because apparently the BEIGE we painted over the PINK is too dark. What the fuck? I have a migraine and want to scratch her eyes out and I haven't even met her yet.

The cats are currently in the car hiding in the neighbor's driveway.

We signed up with a different company yesterday, and they are installing our cable tomorrow. Oh man.

If I am not in jail, I will get to watch TV and surf the 'net all that the same time.

Will update later on tonight...


The meeting went better than planned. She absolutely refused to acknowledge that the walls had been pink. Um, we have the photos to prove it, and half of the blogosphere five people have seen them.

The agreement we reached is that she will pay for the off-white paint, and we will repaint the walls when we leave. That is fine by me. We would have painted this house anyway because it was just wretched when we moved in. I hear what you are saying Momma, my mom was shocked to hear that we were going to paint as well. I just could not subject my family to living inside a bottle of P*pto for our stint in DC.

She is getting a hell of a deal, though. Considering she didn't have it painted when we moved in, she is getting a deal on sprucing up the place.

In case your forgot, here is the before picture. Not pink? Maybe she is color-blind. I'm going for willfully stupid.

And here is the dining area now. An improvement by any standard. Please ignore Hubbie perusing the Baltimore travel guide.

At least I can live with the outcome. I have already met some of the neighbors, and they are very nice people. One of them even let us stash our cats in their driveway. Anyone willing to be complicit in your illegal operations a mere 24 hours after meeting is definitely margarita-worthy.


Momma said...

Yeah, I have to admit, I was surprised when I saw that you were painting and planning to do some work on the place. Around this neck of the woods, they are most weird about that. I couldn't do anything but white paint in my last rental. Thank God I own this one!

It will be good to see you around the net again! Peace - D

buddha_girl said...

You are in hell.

No internet?

No tv?

And a landlord who's addicted to pink walls and black and frankengreen tile?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Momma: There was no way in the world that we could live in a pink house. The walls were so filthy, and scuffed. And, did I mention the pink?

The meeting turned out better than it could have. I've updated the post to reflect it. It was worth painting it, even though we have to "paint it back".

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@buddha_girl: Yeah. It's been a ride!

Andrea said...

SO glad you didn't have to kill her and that she's paying for paint. :)

Geek Mom said...

Yeah. The women has got to be color blind! Glad she is being cool and that you will have internet sooner rather than later!!

Chris in Oxford said...

Do you have to hide the cats when the landlady comes? Man, you are living life on the edge. I had to try to hide a 60 lb dog from my landlord one time - that didn't work out so well...


Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Andrea: Yeah, I'm glad we found a non-violent solution!

@GeekMom: I really miss you today! I want you here for a cup of coffee so we can dish about all the shit going on! Tell K to get a transfer out here man!! :(

@CiO: Landlady wants a $500 non-refundable pet deposit if we have pets. No fucking way. This place was such a disaster when we moved in that Hubbie spent THREE days scrubbing the grease off of the kitchen walls. The baseboards were so nasty that the masking tape wouldn't even stick when we were going to paint. If she had been above board we would have been happy to pay the deposit. Considering how much she has cheated us already, I don't really feel badly about hiding the cats.

buddha_girl said...

On the update:
Let me just say that if you had to murder her, I'd help you dress her in pink and then BURY her with a liberal sprinkling of lime.

See? Almost as good as hiding your cat!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, Hell, Yeah! Those sound like great neighbors. I wonder how they feel about ham radio antennae?

I hope all is better and that dining room looks great! Fuck her.