Friday, February 8, 2008

The Only Thing Mobile Is My Phone

I don't mean this to sound as stuck up and bitchy as it is going to come out, but here goes.

We've been searching for rental properties in NewCity. I got an email today from someone offering to rent their home. Their mobile home. Their single-wide mobile home.

Now, I have had friends that have lived in "trailers" as we call them in South Georgia. Fine for college living. But, um...hell to the fuck no. I will live anywhere except in a trailer. I respect those who do. I am sure they have their time and place. But not for me and not for my family. I would move back in with my parents before I moved my kids into a single-wide trailer. Especially when the guy said it backs up onto a development of $600K homes. I would be tempted to leave beer cans on my lawn even though I don't drink beer.

The only thing I want mobile is my phone, folks. God will probably smite me for saying so, but it is what it is.


Military Mom said...

A to the Men and I second that motion! I lived in Sumter, South Carolina, the trailer park capitol of the world, and I swear to all that is holy that we will NEVER live in a tin can on wheels. I think I'd rather live in a motel!

jayna said...

Umm, yeah, I'll have to ditto military mom on that one . . . only it's a po-dunk town in Georgia I'd be talking about.

Finding a place to rent is one of the most annoying parts of moving.

Hope you find somewhere good, minus the empty beer cans!

buddha_girl said...

I will never consider living in a mobile home. I've had people publicly berate me for this. I've also had people call me a stuck-up bitch for it.


Never. Ever.

I'll help you find a place in NewCity.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Yeah, I'm with you here. Definitely not a mobile home lover. Blech!

hollystar said...

i bet those 600k homeowners are STOKED! on those trailers in their back yard!!!!

i would just like to say thanks, but no thanks to trailer homes. there are acceptable situations/people ment for trailers, but i would just like to keep my distance.

Blue Momma said...

We lived in a trailer while we were going to college - and were glad to have it! - but damn, am I glad those years are behind us!!!

It's not bad enough that they all have a big X on the roofs so that the tornados can find them easily, but they bake like an oven in this southern heat.

I may be house poor now, but at least the trailer is history.

Blue Momma said...

Are you looking IN newcity or in the suburbs? The Metro is so great there that I'd definitely make the commute.

I loved newcity and still regret from time to time that we didn't make that move, too.

Chris in Oxford said...

What about a double wide? You can fit a lot of young'uns in a doublewide...

Think we must have grown up pretty close to each other. I lived in the first town you hit south of the Georgia line in Fla. LOTS of trailers in that swampy neck of the woods.

Momma said...

Ah, the great American invention - the mobile home (which is neither mobile nor much of a home).

I have to admit that we did live in one when my husband and I were first wed. He was a lowly private in the USMC, and we had very little money. I hated it, though, and I'm happy to say that the only mobile home I'd consider now is a sailboat!

Peace - D

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@MM and Jayna: Yeah, I'm think the motel would be a better deal. At least housekeeping would take the beer cans away.

@Buddha_Girl: If we do end up in a mobile home, you can come and help me build that Loch Ness Monster and pond out front.

@HollyStar: Yeah, I would almost guarantee that those $600K house developers are looking at that mobile home lot as a good business opportunity. The homes are mobile, right? Let's buy the land to develop it, and let them move those trailers somewhere else...

@CMGD and Blue Momma: I know you both know where I am coming from. Though maybe if there were a big X on the top, Fox Mulder might stop by. Yum yum.

Sue said...

Dahahaha. Very insightful. I could also not live in a trailer. (We call them trailers here in PA too.) What's astonishing is that anybody would actually rent one out, considering, around here at least, you could buy a used single-wide for a couple grand and only be responsible for 'lot rent'. So for somebody to tack on renting of the unit itself.. that's extortion.