Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday 13: 13 Reasons Why I Need A Mental Health Day

The 13 reasons I need a mental health day:

1. LittleMan kept us up last night by pulling my hair and pinching my neck and laughing about it

2. Hubbie has had to work late the past few nights

3. The kids will not stop whining

4. The kids follow me from room to room

5. I haven't peed in private in about 9 months

6. I can't put on the TV because if it isn't Little Einsteins, LittleBird has a fit

7. LittleBird did not nap today, but screamed, cried and jumped around for two and a half hours

8. I have to take both kids with me to the airport this evening to pick up my dad. This will be an approximately 3-hour long ordeal

9. Our much-anticipated playdate this morning only lasted 45 minutes because all three children were so horrifically crabby that the other mom went home

10. I turned on the stereo instead of the TV, and LittleMan won't stop pushing the buttons and turning it off. I can't physically keep him away from it, and LittleBird is screaming at both of us to make him stop.

11. I can't eat one more piece of chocolate without feeling like I want to puke, so I have nothing to snack on to assuage my misery

12. On Saturday I will be spending five hours trapped on an aircraft with the two of them

13. For the next two weeks I will be away from my hubbie and therefore have no help with the kids in the evenings


Patois said...

This sounds more worthy of a mental health week, minimum.

Heather said...

I feel for you. I'm with you on the mental health day. Actually, I'm thinking mental health month. I could do with a solid 30 days on a beach somewhere, full nights of sleep, no Pooh bear, Nemo, or Little Bear on the tube, no screaming or crying, and I figure by day 14 I'll miss the kids and by day 30 I'll be ready to come home. With me?

MilitaryMom said...

What a great idea! Somehow I think the AF will frown on it though. I am so sorry about the whole plane ride thing. When my oldest 2 were 1 and 4 I had to fly from Anchorage to Atlanta, and it was miserable! So I feel your pain. Remember, blogging is therapeutic, and it's cheaper than a shrink! Remember you have cyber-sisters to lend an ear when needed!

Damozel said...

I remember those days. Cute as the little things were, I don't miss them. Grit your teeth; stay sane!

kellyo75 said...

Ugh..You DO need a mental health day! I hear you on #11..and I feel you on #13! Moms need these days off every so often. Mine is November 17th! Counting down the days!!

Blue Momma said...

Anytime the tv is on Punkin wants to watch "his show". We now watch one of Mommy's shows before watching his. He doesn't really like it that way, but has learned to adjust.

He really likes it if I just stay up late and watch the mommy shows so he doesn't have to be bothered.

I'm thinking about buying him a tv of his own.....

Holly said...

You deserve a mental health day!!! I do recall those days. Most of us live through them. The rest just sit in corners singing about some purple dinosaur named Barney

Thea said...

It definitely sounds like you deserve it. Make yourself a drink and then lock yourself in the bathroom.

Nicholas said...

Sounds like you could probably use several days!

jayedee said...

standing in agreement with heather here! a mental health month once a year should be a given!

a happier girl said...

I never appreciated being in the bathroom alone until I had kids. Getting to lock the door without anyone banging on it to come in is a luxury too.