Thursday, November 22, 2007

Talk About The Best Thanksgiving EVER!!!

My title of Queen of the Nerds, Lady of the Losers has firmly been established.

I opened one of my various email accounts this morning, and saw an email with a subject line that looked vaguely familiar. RCW 139.

Huh. I thought. No way this can be what I think it is.

Oh hell to the turkey yes!!! My beloved Due South junkies are putting together a Due South convention next August in Toronto. I CANNOT FREAKING BELIEVE IT!!!!! I missed the Ride Forever convention in 1999 because I was living overseas. Someone was kind enough to send me pictures and a pin, but I had to live vicariously through their stories. Well, now they are having another one. Come hell or high water, I will be there. WooHoo!!!

Talk about the best Thanksgiving Day news EVER!!! Off to listen to my Due South soundtrack in the shower...We're gonna ride can't put horsemen in a cage...should the angels call...well it's only then I might pull in the reins.