Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Wedding Vows I Should Have Taken

It is only after having been married for a while that you start to realize that your wedding vows do not necessarily reflect what a marriage truly is. Forget the "for richer or for poorer". That was a given. My hubbie and I met each other in college. We were both poor as hell. Though he jokingly told people he started dating me for my car, I told him that just goes to show what poor taste he had in cars. All of the standard statements in the ceremony are nothing compared to daily life.

I realized this morning that my wedding vows should have actually stated:

For better or worse
For richer or poorer
In sickness and in health
To smell the armpits my hubbie's work shirts to see if they can go back in the closet or if they need to be laundered

This has become a bi-weekly ritual in our house. I do not know if he cannot smell his own scent, but I get asked two, if not three times per week "could you please check these shirts for me". Ahhh. The duties of a married woman.

I laughed to my hubbie when he asked me to do this. I told him I did not sign up for this when we got married. I don't remember saying this in church, I said. He laughed too, and then we both ended up saying the above-posted vows. I love my husband and his sense of humor. Even though I will have to do the smell test later on this afternoon, at least I got a kiss out of it.


Patois said...

Has he ever considered washing the shirts?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Oh yes! I will throw the clothes in the washer during the day if I get the chance. And that is a big if. Regardless of which one of us gets the clothes into the washing machine he does all the ironing, folding and putting away. ALL of it. LOL A very fine arrangement, I think. :)

krishanna said...

The Rule in our house is: If we can't remember if it's been washed- into the machine it goes. We are are Pit-sniffing free zone. Heh! =)

Blue Momma said...

hey, I commented on this already! Where's my comment?

I said you are a much better wife than me! Hubby will have to sniff his own pits or just stink.

Though I will tell him if he stinks. If I actually get close enough to smell him.....

Jill said...

I too am a pit sniffer, but I have to admit that when I take his underwear out of the hamper I wrap it in a towel. I'm not touching dirty skivvies!