Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Needed: Qualified Surgeon To Mend My Heart

It is the innocent things our children say that break our hearts.

LittleBird had an incident at school today. One of the bigger girls was being overbearing, and I do not have all of the details, but the end result was my daughter sobbing in the corner because the other girl would not leave her alone. The lead teacher told me that we needed to reiterate to our daughter that the teachers were there to help her. That if she needed help, she needed to bring it to the teacher's attention.

First of all, my daughter is two. TWO. I would hope that the teachers would understand how she could feel intimidated by one of the bigger kids. But that is a topic for a different post.

To stay with the topic at hand, this is a conversation we have had on numerous occasions with our daughter. That if she did not like what someone was doing or saying that she should say, "I don't like that." We have not talked to her about it in a while, but it is obviously time to remind her that she has power in these situations.

So on the way home, I talked to LittleBird again about how we can tell someone we do not like what they are doing. She started to tell me more details about her day, and the incident. She told me that Kxxxx was being too strong, and that "I was crying."

Then she said it: I was crying...and I wanted my mommy to come and help me.

Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.

My heart broke into a million little pieces, and I am still trying to stitch it back together. I didn't think it could break any further until we picked up my husband to switch out the car, and she said it again to him.

I was crying...and I wanted my mommy to come and help me.

Can anyone recommend a good heart surgeon? All the king's horses and all the king's men have had a go at it, and they are 0-2.


Nearly Headless Nic said...

OH SHIT! MY heart is broken and she's not even my dd...you know, you've heard my story of when MY dd broke my heart and I know the feeling. It will heal but it will NEVER be the same...

Jessica said...

OH my...at least you can try to comfort yourself with the fact that she knows that you can make things better. She trusts you and loves you enough to know that you are the fixer of all bad things.