Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don't Just Stand There! Make Your Kid Share!!

You read about it in all the parenting magazines, and now I have witnessed it personally. The stupid ass mom who stands there and does nothing while you try and politely discipline her child.

Today was our playgroup at the playground. A visiting mom whose son was 3 1/2 chatted with us a bit while her son played on the equipment. This kid was a giant 3 1/2 year old. He looked the height and weight of a six year old, I kid you not.

LittleBird wanted to play on these little twisty foot pedal type dealies. This little boy was playing on it. I told my daughter that we had to wait our turn.

So she held my hand and we waited. And waited. The boy's mom was about ten feet away from us.

And we waited. LittleBird continued to hold my hand and look up at me periodically. Is it our turn yet?

I told her when he was finished, we could play on it. That everyone takes turns.

Little boy looked at us and kept playing. Mom ignored us.

We continued to wait. And wait.

The boy sat down on the pedals and started poking at the screws and spinning the pedal with his hand. Not playing with it, but refusing to get off of it, either. I asked him if he was done because we take turns at the playground and we have to share. He mumbled something and still refused to get off.

My daughter was being so patient, but I had had about enough. I told the little boy that we were going to share. That he could use one half and LittleBird could use the other half and that they could use it together.

Only then does the mother walk over. Hey! she says to her kid. It is her turn. We have to share.

Oh really!?!?! No fucking shit, lady! I have been trying to tell your kids that for ten minutes and only now do you come over here and intervene?

She makes her little boy get off, and he freaks out and literally throws a twenty minute crying fit.

Based on how her son reacted and her reluctance to come over, it was obvious that she was hoping LittleBird would give up and go and play on something else. She did not want to have to deal with her forcing her son to share.

I know it is hard for kids to share. And at different stages, it can be hard or super hard. But do not expect to get away with letting your kid hog the playground equipment just because you do not want to deal with his attitude.

For my first "oblivious mom" encounter, I think I fared pretty well.


Nearly Headless Nic said...

I've had this SAME run in with a mom and her son...maybe they visit here too! LOL

Good for you for being so patient, I probably would have walked up to the mom after her son started the fit and said "Um, lady, your kid is being a bad example...pick him up so the rest of the children can play...LOL"

Blue Momma said...

I usually just give the kids with "that Mom" my death glare and they run off.

Sometimes the Moms do, too....but no big loss!

MilitaryMom said...

Good for you! It makes my blood boil when parents won't discipline their kids. Makes me want to scream, but what can you do? Its hard to set a good example when you want to lose your cool! I love your blog, I have been reading for about a week now. I'm a new blogger and I appreciate your comment! Cheers!

Patois said...

This cannot be your first encounter with an oblivious mom. Or do you mean this particular oblivious mom. Man, I hate it when we have to parent the world. Stupid village!

aithne said...

OMG! You have been initiated into the Oblivious Mom Encounters Club.

You will find that suddenly, you will see more and more of them.

I do what blue momma does.

It works and you usually don't have to say a word.

chele said...

I sometimes wish I could distribute "Wake and pay attention to your kid" pills. These are generally the same moms that pretend they don't see their little monsters misbehaving as well. I'd like to pop those moms right upside their heads. LOL